2011 Lupi Reali Trebbiano D’Abruzzo, Italy $3.99

Silverdale, WA    12.5% alc.    (Purchased on 3/25/14)

IMG_1457Made with organic grapes.  Brilliant pale golden.  Nose shows lemon and lime zest and definite flinty minerality and these aromas bloom substantially after an hour or more in the glass.  In the mouth it’s tart (but not overly so) and dry; steely and austere with more minerality, citrus and underripe pear.  More flavorful than I expected.  Similar to, but less fruity than most French Ugni Blancs that I’ve had.  Rather simple, but clean and refreshing; perfect accompaniment to simple foods like roasted poultry and baked or poached white fish with simple or no sauces and lighter flavored herbs.  May even work well with fried calamari or pesto pasta dishes.  For lovers of old world style whites; typically Italian.

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8 thoughts on “2011 Lupi Reali Trebbiano D’Abruzzo, Italy $3.99

  1. PW

    I stopped by the Corvallis GO today (was in the area and wondered if they could order those South African wines…they are checking on it). While I was there, I saw that they’d got this in. Said they sold it out as fast as they got it. One lady bought a case while I was there. Since we very much liked the Luna di Luna and tend to favor the dry Italian whites over any other, I picked up a few. For $3.99 it’s a great deal if we like it.

      1. PW

        We had this with dinner tonight. Really like it. Wish I’d bought more but I have terrible luck with whites so I was hesitant. It’s not as sweet as the Lunatic, which I didn’t think was sweet…but definitely sweeter than this, but the Lupi is dry, nice and crisp. We tasted apples and pears. We thought it had a bit of a silky body too…much moreso than any white (other than chardonnay) that we’ve had. It was a pleasant experience all around. I’m finding that I’m so drawn to dry Italian white wines. I thought it was only pinot grigio (again because of disliking so many other whites we’ve tried) so I’m surprised that I like other grape varietals as well.

        1. lim13 Post author

          Sounds like it was a new and pleasant experience for you, PW. I’ve found that many wine drinkers are put off by the more austere, tart, completely dry Italian whites (perhaps the old adage that people “talk dry, but drink sweet” rings true in that case.). The Lupi is indeed quite dry, but has very pleasant fruit flavors. What food did you have it with for dinner? Do you feel it complemented the food?

          1. PW

            It was a busy day. We just had Reuben sandwiches. It’s hard to complement sauerkraut but it was nice actually. We enjoyed a bit before dinner just in case it didn’t go well. And, yes a new experience. It’s made me do a little more research on whites, because honestly, I’d pretty much given up finding anything dry that didn’t taste if petrol.

            1. lim13 Post author

              Simple, quick dinners is the order of the day during the week for most folks…working folks anyway. So wines that fit the bill for those types of meals are what it’s all about. And you’re right, PW…sauerkraut can be a tough food to match a wine with. Something with a little bit of residual sugar (i.e. Riesling or Gewurz) generally works best…just ask the Alsatians!

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