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Please use comments here to alert everyone to interesting wines you’ve seen at which stores, but which have not yet been reviewed.  Please post any tasting notes in Guest Contributions, or as a comment on a main-page review, as comments here older than six weeks or so will be deleted.

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  1. lim13

    At the Silverdale, WA store today: the JanKriss wines have appeared for $5.99; the 2008 Ben Hogan Carnoustie red blend (Syrah-Cab-Merlot) for $6.99 and a 2011 Tableaux Saint Mont French white from 80% Gros Manseng, 15% Petit Courbu, 5% Arrufiac. Just heard about the Gros Manseng from PW…but nearly everyday a new variety (to me) appears.

  2. Seedboy

    Recon mission yesterday.
    New at San Leandro: 2009 Pinot Noir Cima Collina Chula Vineyard, $7.99. This is a nice energetic pinot, lighter body, focused fruit flavors, marred only by a bit of banana.
    Gerard Bertrand Pic Saint Loup 2010 GSM blend, $4.99. Nice southern French red. More syrah in the blend than the next wine and it makes for a better wine
    Oakland: Gerard Bertrand 2010 Corbieres GSM blend, $3.99. If you have a choice spend the extra buck. To me this one tastes like the grapes hung in the sun too long, for my taste, but if you like soft and fruity this is for you.
    Jeff Hill Cabernet Napa Valley 2011, $9.99. The Oakville wine is sold out, and this is a new cab. I’ve not opened one yet. This store still has the Carneros pinot.
    Berkeley: there is a 2011 Argentinian Malbec with a dignified looking bottle for $4.99. I did not buy it, just not a malbec fan (although I’d sure take it over tannat).
    There is a new Italian rose sparkler with dignified packaging, this wine is also at Oakland.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Thanks for the scouting report! Do you have a suggested airing time for that Pic Saint-Loup? I will likely open it tonight, having found it at the Richmond store.

      1. seedboy

        I popped and poured and liked it immediately. Opened it after the Corbieres and immediately liked it more. I have plenty of all three of those wines left, will hope to give second day reports tomorrow.
        We should be expecting new product at all the stores in the next few days.

      1. lim13

        Haven’t seen this up here in WA yet, GOWL. But I did read the links. Thanks. So now I’m curious. What is it you like about the review? “It gives you everything right away without making you work for it. Instant gratification that ultimately leaves you not totally satisfied. This Pic St-Loup is enjoyable, but it is not interesting. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, sometimes easy to drink and accessible is what you’re looking for.” Is that what you’re looking for too?

        1. JoelA

          Berkeley has a 2012 Maroon Napa Valley cabernet for $ 18.00. The website lists it for $ 45 along with a pack of other expensive wines.
          Does anyone know anything about this operation?

          1. permiesworld

            Yes, we had their 2010 Cab. I think they make a nice product. I’m not sure what the AVA is for the 2012 but the 2010 was Coombsville (one of my current favorite AVA’s and the reason we bought it) and very nice, although it was much higher priced than I think is necessary. AFAIK they are well respected. Did you happen to notice the AVA? I’d buy it for $18, especially if it was a Coombsville. 2012 is considered a better vintage for Napa cabernet than 2010 (IMO)…but it’s pretty much still too young to appreciate for the most part.

          1. Darrell

            I read this and thought the winemaker friend was vewy, vewy Fwench as I can’t see an American winemaker making such allusions about a wine.

    2. Seedboy

      One day later, the Pic Saint Loup was still tasty. It had lost that bit of uplift from the syrah, but otherwise had not changed much. The Corbieres was still a step behind but still tasty in a soft and fruity way (Oakland has sold out of this wine, by the way). The Cima Colina pinot noir had lost that banana flavor and was drinking really nicely. Oakland received a big shipment yesterday including a pallet of the 2011 Cafaro Napa Valley Merlot and some Marroon Napa Valley Cab, I think a 2012. The latter wine will be $20 before discount. Returned to Oakland after a long wait is a blended scotch I like Gallacher & Dunn, for $5.99 a fifth

      1. Delmartian1

        Found the Pic Saint Loup and the Corbieres at the Oceanside store last evening. There was also a Merlot from Bertrand (did not buy yet). I opened the Pic and Corbieres together to try side by side and agree that the Pic Saint Loup is definitely the better of the two wines; smoother, more subtle and softer finish. Will probably pick up a Merlot this Sunday. Oceanside has completely rearranged their wine section to accommodate what must be a major load of new wines for the sale next week. They told me that there were many pallets in the back and more coming today (Thursday).

  3. lim13

    Purchased today at the Silverdale GO for review:
    2009 Abrazo Del Toro Garnacha Tempranillo Reserva, Spain $5.99
    2011 Reserve Lot 11 Dry Creek Valley Old Vine Zinfandel $7.99

      1. lim13

        Without even tasting it yet, SB I’d say you may be correct. At 15% alcohol, the sugars must have been pretty doggone high at harvest…and the acids a bit low. And please don’t take offense at this, but if I had a nickel for every time you said a wine needed more acid, I’d be a rich man.

        1. Darrell

          I think SB is a food wine person and requires more acidity as opposed to a wine sipper. Wineries do acid adjust when acids get a bit low so I wouldn’t go by the alcohol as an indicator of low acid. The higher alcohols of Zins is a problem and in my opinion due to poor sugar sampling for harvest. There are vineyardist who berry sample for Brix and this shouldn’t be done and especially for Zins. Zin bunches are tight and within the bunches are raisined berries which will up the final sugar content on soaking. I hope more vineyardists take bunch samples and let the crushed bunches soak for quite a while to get a more accurate Brix reading.

          1. lim13

            No doubt that SB’s a food wine person, Darrell…as he’s mentioned the need for air and food whenever there’s discussion here about Italian reds…right, SB? I’m familiar with acid adjustment as I made wine from eastern WA grapes for about a dozen years. I’d be curious though of the sugar level of those Zin grapes when picked. But your info about Zin bunches was unfamiliar to me…likely because there were few or no Zin vines in WA when I was making wine. In fact, our Zin grapes (the couple years we made it) were coming up on trains from Lodi. Imagine the condition of the grapes! Thanks for the info, Darrell.

            1. Seedboy

              I think that even sipped on its own wine needs acidity or it is just dull. With zin it is even worse than Darrell lets on because you can have greenish berries and raisins in the same bunch, which is why they tend to pick it very ripe.

  4. flitcraft

    Purchased at the Lake City Seattle GO:
    2010 Tierra Secreta Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina, 7.99
    2011 Greg Norman Cabernet-Merlot 2011, Australia Limestone Coast, 7.99
    We’ll likely open these over this weekend, so a report will follow.

  5. JoelA

    Items possibly of interest at Pinole:

    2012 Vinum Paso Robles zin $ 4.99
    2013 Gunn Estate pinot noir (NZ) $ 6.99
    2010 Le Jaja de Jau syrah $ 6.99
    2009 Pinocchio Nero D’Avola (Sicily) $ 9.99
    2011 Castle Rock Monterey pino grigio $ 3.99
    2010 Alondra Mendocino County chardonnay $ 5.99
    2011 Hess Select Monterey chardonnay $ 2.99 half-bottle
    2011 Hill Napa Valley pinot noit $ 8.99
    2012 WoodenHead Mendocino/Sonoma zin (15% alc.) $ 6.99
    2010 Hidden Cellars Mendocino zin
    2012 Rampage old vine Lodi zin $ 4.99

  6. lim13

    FYI…the Silverdale, WA store now has a large sign in the wine department that roughly says, “If there’s any product, including wine that you don’t like…please bring it back. Everything is 100% guaranteed. Don’t like the taste, bring it back; don’t like the looks, bring it back; don’t like the label, bring it back; just don’t want it, bring it back for full refund.” A point we seem to repeatedly make to our readers. The wine guy at Silverdale has also put out a stack of cards that steer customers to this blog (“not an affiliate of Grocery Outlet”). What a guy!

  7. Seedboy

    I went by Oakland yesterday, they are starting to bring in new wines. They have two JanKris wines, put a mess of the Hill Carneros Pinot on the floor, an Alexander Valley Syrah that I tasted and found fruity but flabby, a Dry Creek zin (same). There is a lot of the Woodenhead zin, blend of Sonoma and Mendocino fruit, that is a much better balanced zin.

  8. lim13

    I was so enthralled with the Eco.Love Sauv Blanc (which now appears to be gone) that I grabbed a bottle of their 2009 Riesling to review…and two bucks less than the SB at $1.99. Also bought a bottle of 2012 Hayes Ranch Lucky Horseshoe CA Merlot for $5.99. Both from Silverdale, WA.


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