2011 Tunnel Of Elms Shiraz, SE Australia $3.99

Silverdale, WA    13% alc.

Just slightly less than clear medium purple/garnet; very pleasant aromatic nose and identical flavors of in-your-face red fruit; red cherries, raspberries and some spiciness like cinnamon and clove.  My wife thinks this might be the perfect base for making your own sangria.  It’s loaded with sweet fruit, but also has a bit of weight and texture, as well as pretty nice tangy acidity.

I suspect many of our readers would call this a “fruit bomb”, but it’s more grenade-like to me (a tad lighter in style). It’s an easy quaffer, not a serious Shiraz.  And one warning: it’s sealed with a “corkburger” (though that doesn’t bother me).  For me: the perfect summer red.  Serve it cellar cool or just slightly chilled.  You just can’t be serious all the time!

By the way, I’d suggest you check out this thread (Ed: link removed. see comments below) on “What’s New” regarding this wine (if you haven’t already).  Different variety, but same producer and label.


8 thoughts on “2011 Tunnel Of Elms Shiraz, SE Australia $3.99

  1. judith h.

    I bought Tunnel of Elms 2011 Shiraz Cab at Bargain Grocery Outlet for $3.99. Label says Product of Australia on the front; imported and bottled by Wine World Estates, Napa, CA. on the back. The first glass: not bad for the price, a little thin; interesting combo of spices. I went out of town, left the bottle on the sink. Lo and behold, tonight – 5 days after opening – very nice. Smooth, almost creamy, good flavor. A very interesting wine for the price – could hold its own with reds that cost at least 3-4 times more. I will go back and buy more. I didn’t decant: just left in the bottle. Have no idea what, if anything, it has to do with Tunnel of Elms in California.

    1. seedboy

      The Tunnel of Elms angle is that Beringer is behind importing this wine, and that “tunnel” is on Hwy 29, the hwy running by the Beringer winery just north of St. Helena, Napa County, CA. (I believe that Beringer and Fosters are commonly owned, hence the Australian angle). There have been a number of these wines at the GO lately.

      1. judith h.

        thanks for the background. As you and others have said, maybe TMI! I’m a label reader and a wine review googler when shopping but some of this is convoluted. Anyway, the 20ll Shiraz/Cab is very good for the price when left open to breathe.

    2. lim13 Post author

      Appreciate your take on the wine, Judith. Glad you enjoyed it. Please see extensive discussion (by me and others) on the wine in comments below from BargainWhine dated 8/5/12, 7:37 a.m.

  2. bin5

    A friend brought this to a barbeque on Friday night. What I remember about it most was the clove and cinnamon (and cardamon). Nice with the sausages.

  3. BargainWhine

    Since I delete comments on “What’s New?” after about 6 weeks, let met copy those comments here:
    Richard Gardner wrote on 1 Aug:
    I picked up the Tunnel of Elms CabS at Tacoma today. Interestingly on Cellartracker the label is the same as Beringer tunnel of Elms 2004-07. Same picture, same font and layout, with South Eastern Australia replacing California. There is no producer listed, only the importer.
    seedboy wrote on 1 Aug:
    Berkeley GO and maybe others has gotten some low end Beringer label wine lately. Sounds like they are dumping wine
    BargainWhine wrote on 1 Aug:
    That’s interesting. Is the photo of the actual tunnel of Elm trees that line the street outside the Beringer winery?
    Lim13 wrote on 1 Aug:
    That is weird, Richard. I checked it out on CT too after reading your comment. I also found this: http://www.saratogawine.com/Tunnel-Of-Elms/ Really funny that they say, “Tunnel of Elms premium wines from California are named for the beautiful row of trees planted by the Beringer Brothers to mark the entrance to their iconic winery and estate”. So…the photo on the label of the SE Australian wine is of the entrance to Beringer in Napa? Well this is likely more information than any of us could possibly want, but I also found this link and read some of it, so I’m sharing. Seems Beringer is owned by Fosters. Yep…the same Aussie group that makes the beer.
    BargainWhine wrote on 1 Aug:
    Thanks, Lim13. It looks like that purchase coincided with changes in the tasting rooms, after which they no longer poured their premium wines, and after which my father and I stopped tasting and purchasing there.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Much appreciated, BW. Thanks! I haven’t been to Beringer since the early 80’s, but I can certainly understand why your visits ceased. No premium wines in the tasting room? No Knight’s Valley Cab etc.? C’mon!

      1. BargainWhine

        As best I can remember, they stopped pouring their Private Reserve Cab Sauv, their best Chardonnays (I had particularly liked the Sbragia Select), and there was a spectacular Cab Franc they made now and then (Third Millennium?).


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