2009 Monte Fiera “Fattoria di Cavalcaselle”

Bianco di Custoza DOC, Verona, Italy; 13% ABV
from Giacomo Montresor S.P.A.
grapes: 35% Garganega, 20% Bianca Fernanda (Cortese), 25% Trebbiano, 10% Chardonnay, 10% Riesling
Purchased on 30 Jan 2013 from the Berkeley, CA store for $9

2009_MonteFiera_BiancoDiCustozaA number of interesting-looking Italian wines imported by Vinum International of Napa, CA arrived recently in the Berkeley store.  I won’t be able to get get through all of them, but I got a few, and started with this one last night.

The bottle is heavy and solid, with the producer name made into the bottle itself (see very top of the photo), and a very pretty label.  IMO, the wine inside lived up to the packaging, with elegantly structured layers of less ripe yellow apple, lemon, yellow melon including rind, and green pear.  Although it’s far from austere for an Italian wine, it’s a far cry from a California fruit bomb.  The back label recommends serving it at 50°F and I agree that it should be only modestly chilled.  Although it’s in a style with which I, and probably a lot of readers, are not very familiar, I think this wine is an excellent bargain.

The wine’s page on the producer’s site (using Google translate) posts these notes, with which I agree:  Brilliant straw yellow with light green reflections, intense and characteristic fragrance of wild flowers, tastes fruity, delicate and lightly aromatic. Hints of musk, sage and honey.

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