Grocery Outlet Spring 2013 Wine Sale – Next Wed May 8 to Sun May 12

Go get your Mother a nice bottle of wine!

wine sign 5x7_NOV2011_goiPlease use comments on this post to let us know which favorite wines you’ll be stocking up on.

Then, during the sale, let us know about what you’re finding, here or in “What’s New?”.



10 thoughts on “Grocery Outlet Spring 2013 Wine Sale – Next Wed May 8 to Sun May 12

  1. Seedboy

    New wine at Pleasant Hill, a Lazy Creek Syrah Rose 2010, 3.99. I over-chilled this wine. It has a lovely dark color. Dry, nice berry flavors, crisp. I’ve not seen this wine at Oakland, Berkeley or Pinole. I would buy more.
    At an undisclosed store, I did taste some of the other wines I’ve seen around. The Justin wine is fruity but out of balance and hot. The 2009 bordeaux from Pessac Leognan is more complex, but seems like a drink me now bordeaux. The DeLoach chard was not memorable.
    Second day of the Parducci blend it was still quite nice as an every day table wine. It is lively and has some tannic grip and would be a nice backyard wine this summer.

  2. BargainWhine

    Hi all, I went by the Berkeley and San Pablo stores this morning. At the Berkeley store, there were a number of new bottles out since the last time I went a few days ago, but not much of it looked interesting except for a new Montresor Valpolicella for $8. I got a Finca Antigua Viura, a 2008 Escudo Rojo, and a Monsanto Chianti Classico Reserva (1.5L magnum for $23) that I expect to open tonight. At the San Pablo store, there is nothing new, and whereas the Berkeley store was bustling, the San Pablo store was as slow as usual but still has the good stuff I listed earlier. I got a bottle each of the 2007 Diamond Oaks Chard, the 2011 Mont’Arquato Chard, and the 2007 Toscana “Rabuccolo.”

  3. BargainWhine

    Favorites seen yesterday at the San Pablo store:
    2009 Tempra Tantrum Tempranillo / Malbec $4
    2007 Rubbia al Colle Toscana “Rabuccolo” $8
    2010 Kunza Carmenere – Cabernet $4
    2008 Bodega Uno Malbec – Bonarda $4
    NV Kupferberg Gold sparkling rosé $8
    2011 Mont’Arquato Chardonnay $5
    2008 Cuvee de Pena $5
    2010 Maula Pinot Noir $6
    2007 Contraste $10 (wine reviewed is the 2006; see comments)
    2000 De la Motte Madiran $5
    2009 31st State Chardonnay $4
    2012 Solombra Torrontes $3 (not much left)
    2010 Westerly Sauvignon Blanc $4
    2011 Bacan Sauvignon Blanc $4
    2010 Ogier Cotes du Rhone rosé $8
    2008 Robert Hall Rhone du Robles $9

    1. lim13

      Reviewing your list, BW…I’m thinking now that GO holds back certain quantities of their best selling/best reviewed wines for the sale.

      1. BargainWhine

        Perhaps, but, in this case, those wines really have just been at that store since we reviewed them.

  4. GOWineLover

    Anyone else have any thoughts? Did Oakland get the Schlumberger Pinot? The only thing that is a definite (since I’m staying away from the higher priced deals like the $18.99 Justin Savant) is the ’09 EOS Chard for wedding wine (unless the Jeriko beats it out). Grabbed a lot of the ’08 Cameron Pinot before it got bought up. I’m thinking San Leandro, Berkeley, San Pablo, Oakland, Pleasant Hill and Concord offerings. And, lastly, is Benny doing a tasting at all?

    1. BargainWhine

      I don’t know if Bennie will have tastings. He knows who I am and didn’t mention it when we talked today.

      1. Rondo

        Can’t mention tastings because ABC and competitors will be watching or listening to bust them in Calif.

    2. Seedboy

      I’ve never seen that Schlumberger, but I’m only at Oakland maybe once a week. I like the Jeriko chard a lot but if your wedding guests are looking for butter look elsewhere.

  5. BargainWhine

    With all the exciting stuff showing up at the Berkeley store, I thought I’d finally head south to see how the San Leandro store is doing under new management. It looked pretty much the same as I remember it before, but Bennie (the new manager) said wines for the sale were arriving today. The only thing I brought home was a 2008 Cameron Pinot Noir ($5), which Seedboy has been recommending. However, that store still has a decent amount of the Monte Fiera, which I liked a lot, so maybe I’ll go back during the sale.


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