2007 Diamond Oaks de Maniar Chardonnay

Carneros, CA; 14.2% ABV
$4 on 2 May at the San Pablo, CA store

2007_DiamondOaks_ChardIf you like California Chardonnay, this wine is a terrific value.  It’s pretty full-bodied, with ripe, zesty fruit of yellow apple, green apple / lime, and lightly buttery, toasted oak.  Although I say “full-bodied,” “ripe.” and “buttery,” there’s also good acid of lemon and green apple, making an exuberant but balanced wine.  The apple has a slightly caramelized character, so I wouldn’t wait too long to drink it, but it’s delicious now.


One thought on “2007 Diamond Oaks de Maniar Chardonnay

  1. lim13

    Unfortunately…even though reading a number of favorable comments about various Diamond Oaks wines on this blog…I’ve yet to see any up here in WA State.


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