2010 Wilson Daniels Chardonnay

Central Coast, CA
13.4% alc.
$5 at Renton, WA (purchased 4/29)

20130501_175747_1_resized (2)This seems to be a wine that is widely available, both North and South so I picked one up since some of the other wines I have been reviewing are clearly limited in their reach.

Crisp nose of melon, apple, and oak. Nice mouth feel with apple, some citrus, and mellow melon. Vanilla spices and the oak is not overdone, in fact nothing is overdone. Good balance and acidity with a medium finish. I would rate this above average for an inexpensive chardonnay and I really didn’t find anything offensive. It is a decent deal at $5 ($4 in CA) and given the sale an even better deal. This is something you might want to have on hand for unexpected guests and parties of people who aren’t particular on what you serve them. I give it a drinkable plus. I am not sure what is keeping me back from a thumbs up other than it wasn’t distinctive enough for me. Maybe I will pick up another bottle during the sale and try it again.

In fact, due to the apparent wide availability, this would be a good wine for everyone to try during the sale and then come back here and use the voting buttons below. Let’s see who’s out there! Pay to play!


4 thoughts on “2010 Wilson Daniels Chardonnay

  1. lim13

    For any who may be interested, according to the Silverdale, WA GO, the price of this wine and the Sauvignon Blanc (which has not been reviewed on our blog yet) has just been reduced from $4.99 to $2.99. Unfortunately, that does not include the Pinot Noir.

    1. wineoracle

      Confirmed that price reduction at 4th Ave Seattle. I’ve tasted both of the whites, and I’m a little more partial to the Chardonnay, but both are a screaming deal at $2.99.

  2. dluber

    I found this to be a pretty middle-of-the road wine. It has some good qualities and no real flaws, so I give it a Thumbs Up for $4, but it’s still not a repeat buy. Lemon/butter/vanilla, apple cider, nice sweet-tart palate with a little richness, low complexity, a slightly hot finish. A reasonable crowd pleaser but nothing memorable. I think B5 nailed it with inoffensive and well served to those who aren’t too particular – I think of it as fundraiser wine (the kind you pay $4 or suggested donation for a plastic tumbler of at a folding table for a good cause and are pleasantly surprised it’s not 2-Buck Chuck)


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