Latente 2009 Torrontés ($3)

La Rioja, Argentina; 13% ABV
Purchased 4/10/2013 at the Pinole, CA store

Latente 2009 TorrontesAnother Torrontés, another day. This one has a light, waxy nose with little of the terpenic aromatics I look for – more like a fruity warm-climate Riesling: peach, light floral in a cloying vein (hyacinth?) with a touch of musk. It’s not quite doing it for me. The palate tastes pretty much like you’d expect from the nose. The canned fruit cocktail flavor is juicy but kind of weak, watery in the middle. Some umami and minerality add a little depth and interest, and the finish is long and strong but not that pleasant to my taste – slightly solventy like a paint stripper. Makes me want to alternate with food or water rather than take another sip. Not horrible or totally undrinkable, but I’ll say Thumbs Down here.

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