A Mano 2011 Pinot Grigio ($4)

Venezia, Italy; 12.5% ABV
Purchased 4/19/2013 at the Oakland, CA store

A Mano 2011 Pinot GrigioMore subtle than the Firestone PG – much drier and crisper too. More, I guess, Italian. A waxy nose of pear, fig, and melon (the more aromatic ones, like Galia), with a slightly odd note, citrusy but a tad soapy (lemon flowers?). The palate has similar flavors, showing ripe acid and white fruit (some white peach) with a strong mineral character, a slightly bitter and metallic finish but not unpleasantly so. There is a hint of sulfide – maybe bottled too soon and reduced under screwcap. Some nice yeasty notes persist; altogether, an interesting wine with perhaps tiny flaws and a bit disjointed – potential problems or growing pains?

Some air opened it up; tasting from the resealed 7/8ths-full bottle after a day in the fridge revealed a more enjoyable wine with the reduced components gone and some tropical notes and honey-toasted almond coming out. A composition that works well. Hard to predict if it will improve with age or not, but who cares? Buy it and decant it or splash it a bit before dinner and it’s a nice food wine. Much more on the austere side than the Firestone, a nice study in contrasts with the same grape. Have this one with a roast chicken with rosemary potato frittata and fava beans and imagine you’re in Italy.


3 thoughts on “A Mano 2011 Pinot Grigio ($4)

  1. Jstreet

    Stands to reason it would seem “more Italian”, being from Italy and all.

    Wish I could find it here on the Central Coast. The Firestone’s available everywhere around here. Nice to have variety..

  2. lim13

    I’ve never had a white from A Mano, but I’ve certainly enjoyed a number of bottles of their tasty AND very inexpensive Primitivo. This PG sounds interesting, but haven’t seen it up here in WA.

    1. dluber Post author

      This wine goes for about $10 retail so it’s a good bargain for $4 but not a red-hot, run-straight-to-the-nearest GO kinda deal. Also remember that it’s on the more subtle side, so despite all the lovely (and some not so lovely) descriptors I used, it ain’t a blockbuster. But based on this wine and your recommendation, I will certainly keep an eye out for the Primitivo.


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