Two Ozzie Rieslings

Both: Clare Valley, AU; 12.5% ABV
Both: Purchased 4/22/2013 at the San Pablo, CA store

Wakefield 2010 RieslingWakefield 2010 Riesling ($6)

My notes on this one were written on the back of another printed page and are horrible, but I still give it a Thumbs Up. Nice aromas, terpenic, (something illegible – myristic aka nutmeg?) with stone fruit (peach, apricot). Sweet, spatlese-level sugar-acid balance, worlds above the Promised Land. Could pass for German.


Leasingham 2007 Bin 7 RieslingLeasingham 2007 Bin 7 Riesling Clare Valley ($8)

Right next to the Wakefield and $2 more for the same stats, so why not? I remember liking the Leasingham Riesling Magnus a while ago. Similar in character to the Wakefield above, speaking to the reality of terroir. However, it’s a bit more washed out and flabby, canned tasting. Not bad, but the Wakefield is a better wine for $2 less. Drinkable +


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