D’Arricau-Bordes 2004 Madiran ($5)

Madiran, France; 13.5% ABV
Purchased 4/26/2013 at the Oakland, CA store

D'Arricau-Bordes 2004 MadiranInitially closed nose, tart and tannic palate with bloody, metallic, saline umami. Slightly bitter cherry pit (malab) on the finish, somewhat drying. Kind of one-dimensional flavor – a solidly made wine but lacking much charm; better with food. On the second day, it seemed thicker and richer, more fruit with earth and leather notes, smoother and less bitter. Good but not great. A cut below my favorite recent GO Madiran, the 2000 Viella Village. The D’Arricau-Bordes is Drinkable, maybe D+ if your taste and the mood calls for a leaner Old-World red.


6 thoughts on “D’Arricau-Bordes 2004 Madiran ($5)

  1. flitcraft

    Just opened my last bottle of this. It’s still inky purple, with no sediment at all. Amazing for a wine that’s now going on fourteen years old. The tannins are still there, but very much integrated into an herbal, cedary wine. Quite delicious, if you aren’t hoping for a fruit forward wine, which this definitely is not. I still have two bottles of the 2001 Chateau de la Motte Madiran wine, and will check in on it soon, for those that salted these away based on the 2013 reviews.

  2. adlerpe

    I picked up a bottle at the Berkeley store yesterday during the sale, and there were six bottles left. I went back today; all gone (frownyface).

    I’m working on the second half of the bottle now. It’s a lot thicker-textured on the second night, and the tannins are a little more even. I’m pairing it with chocolate gelato, which actually mates quite nicely. My guess is that the pave vergiate flourless chocolate cake would be an even better match. And red meat, of course.

    Tannins are what Madiran’s all about, and we Tannat fans have to grab the cheap ones while they’re out there. There’s precious little Madiran available at all from any retailers in NorCal, and you almost never see it at GrossOut. At a wine sale two years ago, the Berkeley store had three different Madirans in a lot liquidated from Exceptional Wines, a vanity importer (IOW, a high-tech couple with a big wine collection and delusions of turning a hobby into a business – we’ve all been there) in Atherton. I grabbed a bottle of each, and the winner to my taste was the 1997 Domaine Berthoumieu, which is also from Viella. Down to my last two bottles of that one; I’ll have to swing by the Oakland store and see if they have any more of the Arricau-Bordes left.

    1. lim13

      I would agree with the comments of adlerpe and Tom (and also dluber to some extent). This is a very closed and somewhat tannic red that has aged extremely well and likely has years left in the cellar. It does seem a bit lacking in charm, but I believe that’s because it’s just not ready. Love the meaty, leathery qualities. I’ll be leaving my last three bottles in the cellar to see how it evolves. But I too have become a Tannat lover (thanks to GO) and this one’s a definite keeper.

  3. Tom

    Happy to see this wine back at GO! Beautiful dark red color, a little closed when first opened. After a little time it opened up with wonderful flavors. Long finish. I like it very much. These wines are made big and long lasting. This particular winery has been around for 850 years. Get some great wine with great history!


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