2009 “The Seeker” Red / Rouge

Pays d’Oc, Indication Geographique Protegée, France
Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan, Syrah; 13% ABV
$6 at the Berkeley, CA store on 9 May

2009_Seeker_RedRougeThe Seeker wines are a brand of Kobrand. The introductory page says, “You are a Seeker. You invite the Unknown to share a bottomless carafe – and sometimes two. You long for whirring machines of flight and fancy. With the wind in your hair and the uncharted ahead, you command the helm.” and continues on in this vein.  It lists wines, one country per varietal, all under this label.

This effort shows sweetly ripe, fruity flavors of black cherry / kirsch, black and red raspberries, and a little dark spice.  It’s delicious and flavorful, but not very substantial.  While I’ll give it Thumbs Up because the wine is in fine shape and it has flavors I like a lot, $4 or maybe $5 seems like a better price for what this is.


5 thoughts on “2009 “The Seeker” Red / Rouge

  1. Juniper

    I picked this up a few weeks ago at my local Grocery Outlet and since then have gone through three bottles of it. I’m crazy for it! Would you have any suggestions for similar wines, perhaps along the same price point?

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Juniper and welcome! I’m glad to hear you’ve liked this wine. Although not quite as fruity as the Seeker, the Tempra Tantrum reds have returned to a store near me (Richmond, CA). I reviewed the Tempranillo / Malbec and the Tempranillo / Grenache, and I thought they were quite good for the money. I went back through the last few pages of reds we’ve reviewed and couldn’t find anything I’d call similar at this price point. At a little higher price, if you can still find any of the Hideaway Creek Cabernet, Palmieri Syrahs, or the Niner Syrah (review soon), they would be good bets. Does anyone else have suggestions for Juniper?

      BTW, at which GO do you usually shop?

      1. Juniper

        Thanks for the suggestions! I am going to look for this around my local GO (I’m located in Southern California). Enjoying the blog, so glad I found it! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  2. G.L. Pease

    I saw this in Pinole, and nearly bought a bottle, simply by virtue of the fact that the label is so wonderful. Granted, it’s a silly reason to buy a bottle of wine. On the other hand, it would be a nice addition to my label collection, if I actually kept one.. Your description is enough to send me back to the store to pick up a couple. Maybe I’ll start that label collection after all.


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