2011 Montes Cherub Colchagua Valley Rose Of Syrah, Chile $5.99

Bremerton, WA    13.5% alc.   (Purchased on 5/10/13)

IMG_0982The goofy label nearly kept me from buying this one, but the tall, sleek bottle, screwtop and beautiful color color sucked me in.  Plus I had little to lose at the sale price of $4.79.  This was the only wine that caught my attention during the sale at the Bremerton, WA store;  was nowhere to be found at the Silverdale store.

Very pretty deep pink with a rather skunky, sulfury nose (perhaps over-sulfited?).  There’s a strong underlying bouquet of fresh strawberries, but it’s hard getting to it.  It took nearly an hour for the sulfur to blow off.  In the mouth there’s nice extract giving this rose’ some depth.  The flavors show plenty of fruit with more strawberry and rose petal.  But the mostly dry fruit fades at mid-palate and seems to gain speed in the finish.  Acidity seems about right and there’s a little bitterness that actually adds to the overall flavors.  Half of me likes this wine, the other half not so much.  Can’t quite put my finger on why, but it’s not a repeat buy for me.  Maybe it just seems to lack the simple freshness that I so enjoy in rose’.

And hey, all you moms out there…Happy Mother’s Day!


2 thoughts on “2011 Montes Cherub Colchagua Valley Rose Of Syrah, Chile $5.99

  1. Janet Reed

    There were still two bottles on the shelf at Lake City and we were plank-grilling salmon for a small crowd, so I picked them up. I didn’t pick up sulfur in the nose, just a kind of candy-floral aroma. To be honest, this wine just didn’t seem like a rose to me. With my eyes closed, I wouldn’t have said rose. Nor would i have said syrah–no noticeable varietal character, either. Having said that, it had enough oomph to complement cedar-planked sockeye salmon, not an easy match for wine. Nice strawberry fruit, maybe just a tiny touch of residual sugar, but overall a pleasant enough wine. It actually improved with a little time out of the fridge; with temperatures in the (uncharacteristic) 90’s, it warmed up quickly and opened up nicely.

    I opened both bottles and one of the Wilson Daniels pinots, and I noticed that the Monte Cherubs emptied first. There isn’t any more at Lake City, but it might still be hanging around elsewhere.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Had another bottle of this today. Strawberry flavors were more intense and the sulfur found in my first bottle was non-existant. Still slightly bitter in the finish…and I like this rose’ better well chilled…something I rarely do.


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