2009 Bin 29 California Red Wine

72% Syrah, 14% Sangiovese, 14% Mourvédre; 14.6% ABV
“Cellared and bottled by Crushpad, Sonoma, CA”
$8 at the Richmond, CA, store 23 May

2009_Bin29This was an unusual wine in that it was designated only as from “California,” was composed of an unusual blend of grapes (especially Mourvédre), and had the non-descriptive name of “Bin 29.”

My impression is that it tries to be in the genre of the Jake-Ryan 3Sum, but doesn’t make it, by a good ways, actually.  This lighter full-bodied wine shows ripe flavors (in order of intensity) of dark red and some black cherries, red hibiscus, black raspberries, blueberry / lighter blackberry, with acid of dark red raspberries.  I thought it was better after 2+ hours of air in a decanter, but still it never really all came together, staying a bit acid and rough.  Although some folks will probably disagree with me, for this price at the GO, I think it’s only Drinkable.  The next day, it was perhaps a little more integrated but not as complex.

The Crushpad site linked above now re-directs to the Wine Foundry, a custom wine making business, which it appears Crushpad was as well.  Was this some customer’s custom wine they tried to sell, or that Crushpad bought from them, that is now being cleared out by the Wine Foundry?  Who knows?  In any event, I thought it was a fairly tasty but not well-crafted wine.

3 thoughts on “2009 Bin 29 California Red Wine

  1. Seedboy

    I checked out this new store today. It is large and the staff was very helpful. I bought some groceries but no wine.

  2. Winester

    Have tasted two other custom bottlings by Crushpad, a Syrah and a Pinot Noir. Both were very rough, coarse wines. Each also had an over the top abundance of oak. Sounds as though the Bin 29 isn’t over-oaked. That was the main flaw of the two wines I’ve tasted from Crushpad.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Winester. This says “cellared and bottled by Crushpad,” so who knows who actually made the wine. Maybe if you get a custom wine made, they give up the rights to say they made it? I think there was some oak, but it wasn’t overwhelming.


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