2009 Patianna Mendocino Chardonnay, CA $8.99

Silverdale, WA    13.9% alc.    (Purchased on 5/10/13)   Made with organic grapes.

IMG_0980Another wine from Patti Fetzer.  Brilliant medium golden color; perhaps a bit sulfury in the nose, but not overly so…and it eventually blows off.  It shows toasty oak at the forefront and then some grapefruit, lemon and buttered toast.  In the mouth, it’s more butter, toasted oak and lemony citrus flavors.  The oak is more dominant than I’d prefer, but then I’m very oak sensitive, so just the slightest bit of oak can set me off, particularly in whites.  There’s fruit here, but not enough to indicate to me that it’s clearly Chardonnay. 

I bought two bottles of this wine after tasting it in-store, but I’ll not return for more because it has less fruit than I recall when first tasted.  IMHO, this is no match for the delicious Sauv Blanc that I reviewed in 2011 that (believe it or not) may still be out there in some GO’s somewhere.

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