Eos 2009 Petite Sirah ($6)

Paso Robles, CA. 13.9% ABV
Purchased 5/20/2013 at the Pinole, CA store

Eos 2009 Petite SirahI’ve had good luck with this label before and this varietal in particular. Promising nose: blueberry pie, hints of earth and eucalyptus. Palate provides a modicum of sweet fruit but a slightly thin middle, a long but somewhat astringent finish. Puckering acidity, and a mixed bag of tannins, some harsh, some not, but not overpowering – not quite what I’d expect from a young S. CA Petite, but not all in a bad way. Typically, Petite Sirah begins life quite tannic and takes years to mellow, whereas this wine is pretty drinkable now – good but not great. I liked it better the second day, got stronger blue fruit in the nose and mellower acidity but also more mentholy-phenolic aromas (remember Campho-Phenique?). Not quite a full Thumbs Up due to the slightly odd aromas and just not being a classic Petite, but still on the high end of Drinkable with some potential for aging.


9 thoughts on “Eos 2009 Petite Sirah ($6)

  1. Peter Pang

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I love the bouquet, the taste, and the finish. I wonder how the Atlanta restaurant JCT was able to get their hands on this wine. Must the a good wine distributor. I have seen it in other sites for over $20 a bottle. My next move is to check with local wine stores.

  2. Peter Pang

    We drank his wine at the JCT restaurant in Atlanta. It was wonderful, and we loved it. Do I read that you can buy this wine SOS Petite Sirah for $6? Pray tell where I can buy a case.

    1. BargainWhine

      Hi Peter and welcome. This site reviews wines which appear for sale at the Grocery Outlet. It is a west coast chain, so I am pretty sure there are no GOs in Georgia, or in the southeast US, for that matter. Even here in California, I haven’t seen this wine in GOs near me for a while. I’m glad you enjoyed the wine, though.

      1. lim13

        I had never noticed it before, but the GO website says that they now have stores in Pennsylvania. A long ways from Atlanta, but a lot closer than the west coast.
        : ~) I’d be mighty surprised if this wine was lurking anywhere in the GO system.

        1. flitcraft

          I’ve actually been to the GO in Harrisburg, believe it or not! But no wine there–Pennsylvania only allows wine sales at state liquor stores.

          1. lim13

            Forgot that the PA state stores sold all the wine, flitcraft. Thanks for the reminder. That’s weird, eh? A GO with zero wine.

  3. BargainWhine

    This wine had re-appeared at the Richmond, CA, store when I was there on 15 January. I couldn’t quite recall which vintages had been reviewed already, so I got a bottle. I would say the intervening 7 months have been good to this wine, as my bottle was quite delicious! I guess it’s not the most intense PS, but that’s not saying much for this grape, and I’d say this is a nicely full-bodied wine. It’s neither the most complex nor the most simple wine, but it’s really yummy, with flavors of blackberry / blueberry and boysenberry jam, with decent acid and plenty of tannin, and a little chocolate with enough air. It was good from the start, but aired after about 60-75 minutes (I’m guessing) to become quite soft and supple, at least for a PS. This is now totally delicious wine for the money. Same price, as I recall.

  4. lim13

    Tasted this wine tonight at the Silverdale, WA GO where it’s selling for $8.99. Compared to the $6 dluber paid for it, I’d say it’s not a good value. I found it to be rather closed and a bit one dimensional.

  5. Russ

    Eos Estate/Novella sold out to Bill Foley Estates ($$$$) and all the wine is available in all GO stores. Look for a huge turnaround…Foley turns everything into gold…


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