2007 Maley Brothers Lodi Zinfandel, CA $6.99

Silverdale, WA    14.3% alc.   (Purchased on 6/3/13)

IMG_1057Just slightly hazy, light brick color as though older than it’s years.  Nose is clearly Zinfandel with blackberry and five spice, but also showing some prune qualities.  In the mouth there’s immediate sweet fruit and more prune and five spice, but the briary blackberry flavors are in the background.  There’s an almost burnt sugar, caramel quality here, especially at mid-palate, which may be attributed to age.  Texture is soft with well-restrained tannins, the right acidity and some light heat toward the finish.  When first opened, this Zin tasted over-oaked to me, but in 60-90 minutes time, the oak has almost completely disappated.  Flavors in the finish are a little rubbery and again, cooked prune-like.

Part of me really likes this Zin; the other part…not so much so.  I found this (perhaps not so objective wines of Lodi) article about this wine and the Maley Brothers.  Appears the wine originally sold for $18.  If any of our readers happen to find this Zin and are willing to pick up a bottle, I’d really love to hear your comments.


8 thoughts on “2007 Maley Brothers Lodi Zinfandel, CA $6.99

  1. joelA

    You have to be selective about the winery. Try Lucas or Spenger (but that one needs to be aged up to ten years to be really well developed and tasty).

    1. lim13 Post author

      I’ve had a number of Spengers, Joel…thanks to a friend of mine who loves them and, better yet…shares them. He always stops by the winery when he’s down there from WA visiting family.

  2. lucyandpaco

    Bought a bottle of the 07 Maley today. Its been open for an hour, and is quite good. Classic Lodi big fruit, ripened in all that 100 degree heat. Boysenberry/ripe cherry notes, good acid. I detect slight prune or raisin on the nose. The color is as noted is a bit dull. It’s worth all and more of the $6.99 at GO. To me a lover of the Lodi and El Dorado Zins, this a a great buy. I would expect it to be a $15-$18 wine. Going back for more.

    1. lim13 Post author

      I’m really happy you loved this wine. My wife and I finished our bottle tonight and it’s very tasty, but slightly over-oaked for me (for a Zin)…and still a bit too ripe. Just a matter of stylistic preferences.

  3. Seedboy

    My general impression of Lodi zins is that they are generally really ripe, which for zin means some of the grapes will be raisins (the bunches ripen unevenly). I generally prefer to avoid them.

    1. lim13 Post author

      I’ve found over the years that most wine drinkers either love or hate Lodi Zins. And like you, SB, I find there’s usually nothing subtle about them…ripe or overly ripe, jammy, raisiny, and sometimes port-like. One day I like them…next day…uh-uh. Guess I go with my mood.


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