Diseño 2011 Torrontés ($5)

Salta, Argentina. 13.8% ABV
Purchased 6/09/2013 at the Pinole, CA store

Diseño 2011 TorrontésSaw this on the menu at a Berkeley restaurant last weekend for $7/glass, $24/bottle. Calculate their markup considering that Gross Out is selling it for a profit at $5…on to the wine.

Pretty good if not my ideal Toro: a moderately intense nose, on the petroly side of muscaty, some fruity and floral character, but it’s in the background; interesting if not the most enticing for everyone. The palate is full but quite crisp, with a tangy acidity and an oily minerality echoing the hydrocarbons in the nose; some stone fruit (peach pit jam) comes through followed by a long, zingy finish. Fans of Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc will probably like this wine; the acidity is just on the ripe side of green, and there are some riper tropical hints (guava?), although it’s more steely and firm than most Argentinian Torrontés I’ve had. It’s not my favorite among the examples of this grape I’ve had from GO (although easily in the top ten given all the crappy ones they’ve had), but it’s a well-made and interesting wine that’s certainly not boring if not a knockout. Good value for the money in that sense.


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