2007 Contemassi Chianti Riserva

90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo; 12.5% ABV
Chianti DOCG, Italy
$8 at the Berkeley, CA store on 14 June.  Still there 22 June.

2007_Contemassi_Chianti_RisAfter a previous 2007 Chianti Riserva with mixed results, I wasn’t sure about going for another one, but this wine (or at least this bottle 🙂 ) is better for $2 less.

While it was tasty and clearly substantial right away, to my taste It started opening more fully after about 90 minutes in a decanter (no sediment), and needed another half hour to be fully aired.  For an Italian wine, it has rich, ripe dark cherry fruit with complexities approaching plum and black olive, orange zest, and black earth.  Despite the ripe fruit, there’s plenty of acid somewhat like balsamic vinegar without the vinegary-ness, and it went well with pasta and red sauce.  My guess is it’s pretty perfectly mature now, and you shouldn’t wait long to drink it.

DLuber mentioned he also saw the 2008 out there for the same price.  According to Parker’s vintage chart, 2007 is the better year, but if anyone finds and tries the 2008, please let us know what you think (or, of course, the 2007).


One thought on “2007 Contemassi Chianti Riserva

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    I opened a bottle of this today, and (1) it needed only about an hour to air, and (2) its character is fresher, lighter, and more delicate than the first bottle. Less balsamic vinegar and more roses.


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