2008 Taz Chardonnay

Santa Barbara County, CA
14.2% alc.
$4 at Kent, WA

20130622_152203_resized (2)Very golden in color. Pineapple, guava, and oak in the nose. The fruit carries over to the palate with the addition of some lemon and butterscotch. Very tropical flavors and has a viscous mid palate weight to it. Surprisingly sweet on the finish which lingers nicely and then tastes like creamy lemon pie. Needs a little more acid to balance the sweetness for me. Decent quaffer for $4 and a well made wine for the style. I almost didn’t buy this because of the year, but it is holding up quite well. I give it a drinkable plus and worth a try.


5 thoughts on “2008 Taz Chardonnay

  1. John Griffin

    I don’t claim to be a wine expert by any means, but….. I’ve had very good Napa County Chardonnay as well as lesser brands go sour after three years. Some of these expensive, some not. Price doesn’t seem to make a difference. All were corked.
    So, I am reluctant to buy a 2007 or 2008 like those currently on sale.
    I would appreciate expert or even knowledgeable amateur comments about the issue of Chardonnay age. Is there a way to tell short of taking a bottle home and sampling? Thanks.

    1. bin5

      Hi John, There really isn’t a way to tell without tasting it. Most domestic chardonnays are questionable at five years or more. Some producers are pretty consistent so that can give you some confidence. Lately, I have been going for wines that have stelvin enclosures (screw caps) because they really do keep the wine fresh and you won’t get any corked wines. The New Zealander’s and the Aussie’s have really taken to it and more wineries in the US are getting on the band wagon. But it’s also why this blog exists. We all take the chance and write about it looking for that great bargain and passing it on. Happy hunting and let us know what you find!

    1. bin5 Post author

      I only saw this at the Kent, WA store and I bought the last three bottles yesterday. At four bucks, it’s hard not to like (especially when your wife tells you to buy more).


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