2011 Viansa Arneis

20130106_175950_resized (2)Sonoma County, CA
13.2% alc.
$5 at Renton, WA (purchased 6/29/13)

Very light straw in color with a nose of pear, flowers, and almond. Very crisp on the palate and nicely balanced with acidity that gives it a lingering finish. Other fruit flavors of tangerine, green apple, and maybe a little grapefruit. Very fresh and mouth filling with some vanilla in the finish as well. A nice white wine for white fish and chicken dishes. A thumbs up for me and worth picking up a few for the summer.

I have had only a few Arneis wines which is an Italian grape and my experience has been good. Originally it was used as a aromatic lifter for Barolo similar to adding a little white to a syrah but now popular on its own.


4 thoughts on “2011 Viansa Arneis

  1. dluber

    I picked up one of these (not sure if it was the same vintage) about a year ago and quite liked it, enough to go back for seconds. The Viansa stuff was somewhat hit-and-miss for me; I remember liking their Dolcetto too. The winery is a bit of a tourist trap, at least by Sonoma standards, but I recall enjoying a bottle of something we bought in the tasting room along with some deli food out on their picnic area.

  2. Tom

    I put it in the fridge and got it too cold. As it warmed up it became better and better. First non Italian one I have had. Great value.


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