2009 Santerra Red Table Wine

20130105_153216_resized (2)Sonoma County, CA
13.5% alc.
$6 at Renton, WA (purchased 6/28/13)

Santerra is connected to the Viansa Winery in Sonoma. I can’t find anything that says what kind of blend this is except that Santerra focuses on Italian varietals. The color is ruby red with a cigar box nose, red berry, touch of earth and some smoke. Very soft feel on the palate with strawberry jam, cherries, and spices. Nicely balanced and integrated wine with a finish that has good acidity and gives a juicy texture. Maybe a touch of tomato in there. The following day it was just as good. Another decent buy at $6, thumbs up. Note: Had another bottle with friends last night, very yummy.


13 thoughts on “2009 Santerra Red Table Wine

  1. Seedboy

    Berkeley has a large amount of the white, which is not moving. It is a blend of Vernaccia (48%), Arneis (31%), Tocai Friulano (16%), Chardonnay (5%). It is a nice summer sipper, still fresh-tasting, clean, no detectable oak, finishing with a dollop of sweet fruit in the middle of the tongue.

  2. Patrick

    Santerra red. Already bought cases for Christmas gifts, where else can you buy a light tasty red for $5 or $6 bucks that women love and it shows $24.00 at the winery online. (Not that they would check!)

  3. Tom

    I agree. Have no idea what grapes are in this wine but does not matter. It gets better with each glass until the bottle is empty. $6.99 in Portland.

    1. lim13

      Tom and other readers…at the bottom of the large label photograph below is an underscored “sentence” with the vintage and name of the wine. Click on it and it should tell you just about everything you’d want to know about the wine. I copied and pasted the link from Amazon, but it ended up transferring the large label photo etc. If you’re unable to open that link, please let me know and I’ll try to just copy and paste the info. The grape mix in the wine is a peculiar one, but apparently it works. Haven’t seen any of the recently reviewed Viansa wines yet over here on the Kitsap Peninsula in WA.

      1. BargainWhine

        Just to preserve the info:
        Composition: Merlot (47%), Sangiovese (29%), Cabernet Franc (14%), Dolcetto (8%), Tinta Cao (1%), Tempranillo (1%)

        1. seedboy

          Berkeley has this and the arneis. This wine did not do much for me upon opening, just tasted like overcropped merlot. I’ll give it another try tonight.


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