2006 Marcucci Farms Fava Brothers Vineyard Russian River Valley Zinfandel, CA $7.99

Silverdale, WA     14.9% alc.    (Purchased on 7/15/13)

IMG_1076Impressive packaging in a heavyweight silk screened bottle with deep punt.  Mostly clear dark ruby/purple.  When first poured it seemed just a bit varnishy/alcoholly in the nose, but that seems to blow off considerably in 30-60 minutes time.  Eventually the bouquet opens up to fairly intense blackberry and cedar aromas.  On the front of the palate it immediately showed tart acidity and fairly big tannins, even at nearly seven years old.  The flavors and intensity tend to (like the nose) evolve with time and air, with all components integrating quite well with one another.  The flavors show blackberry, dark plum and spiciness (cinnamon and clove) with restrained oak.  My teeth and lips were coated from the moderately chewy tannins in the finish…it was also a little astringent and drying with some heat too.  My wife referred to it as “rough and raw”.  Her description is quite accurate.

Not really the typical big, jammy, plummy fruit bomb…too much acidity for that.  This is a well-balanced Zin that, due to the somewhat racy acidity level should continue to age nicely for another few years, but it’s drinking perfectly now.  The higher alcohol had me thinking this would be another bruiser of a Zin, but it certainly doesn’t come off that way in the long run.  The back label says that this producer’s Zins have typically been field blends.  And I could only find info on the 2008 vintage of this wine, which is composed of 90% Zinfandel, 10% combination of Petite Sirah, Alicante Bouschet, Carignan, and Golden Chasselas and sells for $28.  I suspect this blend is similar.  Opening this one and just letting it breathe in bottle for a couple of hours may improve your overall experience.  Or decant if you so choose.  I may have to buy a couple more to see what develops.

Seedboy had the following to say about this Zin on 7/15: ” The Zin appeared in Berkeley today.  It is a big mouthful, and I’m quite sure that it is either a field blend or otherwise blended, as there is more tannin than I’d expect from a pure zin. (ed. note: Most perceptive, SB!)  I think this wine will be better after it has relaxed from its travels but I’m pretty sure I’m going to put three or four of these away.”


20 thoughts on “2006 Marcucci Farms Fava Brothers Vineyard Russian River Valley Zinfandel, CA $7.99

  1. Lum's

    Today there was plenty at 4th Ave S (Seattle GO).
    On your recommendation, I bought 2…even though I’m trying not t buy any more red (too much!).

    1. lim13 Post author

      Yeah, Lum’s…I saw all of it when I was in that store on Tuesday. There’s still a lot over here in Silverdale too. And I feel your “pain” in regard to too much (anything, not just reds for me). Please check back in when you open a bottle.

  2. Richard

    I just want to say your wife statement about being rough and raw hits the nail on the nail on the head with me ,lol! I went back for a second bottle (central valley california) and its hard to put a description on this one .It has bite in your face but yet has a tasty character that doesn’t remind me of what zinfandel is ? Tannin is for sure their ! Also to mention the weight of this bottle is heavier than most others and the indent in teh bottom of the bottle is bigger than i have noticed in other brands .I bought an Aragonez wine which was rather pricy but outstanding and it had a similar bottle and while the wine was made in portugal the bottle was made in argentina . After drinking the bottle i noticed a wine crust build up inside of the bottle that is below the neck ,it is hard to see unless you hold it up to the light .Im thinking the wine was stored upright for many years thus the development of buildup inside the bottle . I’m thinking storage conditions helped influence this wine as well and its near the end of its lifespan so to speak . I try new wines and i have to say for the price i paid, 8 bucks, it fits the wine .Would i buy another bottle after 2 ? No . Wish we could have received this 2006 year vintage in 2009 instead of 2013 and give it a go . But over all it is n ot bad to me but just different so i rate it it a 5 on a scale of 10 .just thinking if it was younger it would be better .

    1. lim13 Post author

      Appreciate your comments, Richard. That’s sure one of the concerns with GO wines….where did the come from? and how many other “homes” might the wines have had? and what were the conditions? Of course there can be similar concerns with lots of other retailers too. I took my chances with three more bottles…as did other readers. If we all share our findings as we open each bottle, guess we should get some answers. By the way, trying this when it was younger would have indeed been fun.

    2. Seedboy

      That build up of “crust” is often called a robe. It can develop in wines that have been stored on their side, especially wines that have not been filtered or fined, but it is a bit unusual to see this in a wine this young. The tannin in this wine comes from the petite sirah and carignan and alicante in the field blend.

  3. Patrick

    I just finally found the Fava Zin in San Jose today, lately some of the wines you guys get in the NW we are seeing later, I just got the Lake and Vine SB, Voss SB, both really good, I’ll drink them side by side tonight, I am getting to be a sucker for screw cap whites and Voss is cheaper.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Where did you find it, b5?? Or would you rather not say until you get back there? : ~) There was still some on the shelf in Silverdale late last week.

      1. bin5

        Okay, I didn’t say on purpose but you called me out……Kent (It’s not like I really need more wine, I just go into a sweat when I can’t get to the deal)

  4. BargainWhine

    With all the comments about weight and tannin, and the wine’s holding its own after being open for days, plus my observation that my bottle has zero sediment, makes me think I will just put my bottle into storage for a few years. Does that sound reasonable to those who have tasted it?

    1. seedboy

      The bottle I finished yesterday had zero sediment. I poured every drop of it. You could hold it a year or four, or drink it soon.

    2. lim13 Post author

      I’d say three, maybe four years max…it should be just fine. I bought three more and probably won’t open any for a year or two. It’s really all just guesswork, isn’t it?

  5. seedboy

    This wine held up nicely after being open for two days but it did not improve or deteriorate from the first day to the second. This wine has more tannin than you’d expect in a zin.

  6. Seedboy

    Just in case you do not feel like looking for my other comments on this wine, it was better the next day, it rounded out nicely. I think it might actually be better two days later, I’ll let you know Thursday or Friday. I did not see it at Oakland today but Berkeley had some Tuesday night.


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