2011 Ogier Côtes du Rhône rosé

Grenache 60%, Syrah 15%, Cinsault 15%, Mourvédre 10%; 13.5% ABV
Côtes du Rhône, France
$8 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 8 July

2011_Ogier_CdR_roseI and others had liked the 2010 bottling of this wine for the same price, so I was eager to try this vintage.  However, this wine didn’t excite me the same way.

During the hour plus we drank it on the first night, it showed aromatic pink roses and a bitter-ish structure in the finish, without much mid-palate.  On the second night, the middle had filled out, with flavors of quince jelly (not sweet at all), less ripe raspberry, maybe tangerine.  However, it had simplified a bit and was not so delicate.  So maybe if you put this in a covered decanter in the fridge for a couple hours first, you will find this wine’s sweet spot.  It may even be more age worthy than the 2010 and a better wine for all I know, but my experience with it was not that great.  I give it Drinkable, but anyone out there who’s tried it, please let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “2011 Ogier Côtes du Rhône rosé

  1. Seedboy

    My beef with this is that this is about a $12 bottle, as a current release, but this is a year behind vintage. Getting back to the theme that $7.99 is the new $3.99, this wine should cost about $6 tops.

  2. bin5

    I have been enjoying the 2010 this summer as I was able to find a few bottles during the sale (much better QPR at 20% off). I would be inclined to give the 2011 a try, but I have not seen it in WA yet.


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