2010 Epilogue Chardonnay

North Coast (Mendocino Cty), CA; 14.1% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 22 August

2010_Epilogue_ChardThis wine, with a vintage, a regional designation, a nice label and bottle (increasingly rare at the GO these days), looked pretty good, and the price was right.  It’s an unusual Chardonnay, but a pretty good white wine.

While there is a recognizable amount of the typical Chardonnay yellow and green apple, with a little lemon / lime, the full-bodied palate is dominated by yellow and some green melon, a rich minerality, white of the melon rind, and a creamy vanilla / oak.  In a rough analogy, Viognier is to the 2006 Jake-Ryan Napa Viognier (an unusual Viognier) as Chardonnay is to this wine.

For anyone interested, here is the producer’s web site.  The notes there say: “Offering up delicate notes of citrus, ripe Anjou pear and warm baked apples, this wine finishes beautifully with hints of vanilla and measured oak.”  If anyone sees the Epilogue Red (a Bordeaux-style blend), please let me know.


5 thoughts on “2010 Epilogue Chardonnay

  1. bin5

    This wine is selling for $12 on the Invino flash site. I always find it interesting when I see wines at GO show up on WTSO, InVino, and other flash sale sites. They are usually double the GO price. It would be interesting to be in on a GO negotiation, I would assume their buying power is a big factor.

  2. Patrick

    I like this Chard, I looked up the winery Envolve and one of the owners appears to be the guy that was the Bachelor on one of those TV shows. (NO I don’t watch it!). However the wines get high marks from Wilfred Wong! We might get the 2nd bottle for a nickel!


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