2008 Hideaway Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Sonoma Cty, CA; 14.2% ABV
vinted and bottled by 2Sons Winery, Healdsburg, CA
$9 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 26 August.  Also at the Richmond store.

2008_HideawayCreek_CabSI bought this wine, somewhat expensive by GO standards, because I recalled that a Hideaway Creek Chardonnay was well-liked here, and because it seemed to be selling well.  I have to agree that it’s pretty good for the money.

The first pour was tasty, but a bit light and fruit-punchy.  However, after about 30 to 45 minutes of air in a half-empty bottle (half saved for another night), it really filled out with very ripe flavors of dark purple plum, blackberry, tar, and some dark spice / earth, balanced with good acid of red and black cherries / black raspberries.  While very pleasant to drink now, it has some of the tartness / bitterness that makes me think it would improve with a few more years in cool storage.  While the solid, ripe, fruity style does not really drive me wild, I agree it’s a nice example of Sonoma County Cabernet, at a good price.


11 thoughts on “2008 Hideaway Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. flitcraft

    Update on this wine, or actually the 2007 version of this wine: It’s still alive and kicking, but the fruit is more muted than I remembered it being and the rim shows distinct bricking. So, either my memory of the wine from three years ago is off kilter (entirely possible!) or this is on the downhill slide. I have two more bottles which I plan to drink up soon, myself.

  2. PW

    Just saw this (and picked one up) at our local store today. I think I’ll lay it by for a while and see how it does. Thanks for the review.

  3. dtighe

    Its a bit more than I would usally pay at the GO for a wine, but something about it enticed me. I think its a good example of a California Cab at a more reasonable price, but not something I would run back to buy multiples for storage.

  4. Chris Winter

    I just bought a bottle at the downtown San Jose store for $8.99. It’s more than I’d usually pay but I figured that because it was the last bottle on the shelf it might be worth it; the good ones seem to get snapped up quickly as word gets around — like the Eos Estates cabernet (but I got two bottles of that after drinking one, ha!)

    Now I’m torn: do I drink it now, or put it aside for a year or two per your suggestion? I’ll let you know.

      1. Chris Winter

        I opened it last night and drank about a third of the bottle. It is very tasty, with a good deal of subtlety. I’ll probably hold off a few days before finishing it — and I’ll be on the lookout for more.

      2. Chris Winter

        I finished off the bottle over the last two nights (Monday and Tuesday). It seemed to have lost some of its bouquet and fruitiness. It was still good, but less so than when first opened.

  5. Patrick

    I liked the Hideaway Creek and have had some nice wines from 2Sons but agree that the extra buck over the standard $7.99 Cal GO price is a bit much. However there is a nice Armagh Syrah 2006 at our NorCal stores that is really tasty from the first sip. It turns out that it comes from a one acre patch of syrah that produces about 200 cases a year, this 2006 is the last year that this 100% Syrah was produced by the family via Cahill Winery. All these grapes are now sold to Wind Gap Winery who’s Syrah is rated at 93 pts and even 91 by Steven Tanzer . I would rate this as a GO buy on sight wine. one warning, the cork will not fit back in the bottle, and when you reverse it you will get a round wine stain on you palm similar to the first time you held a Pug with his butt on your white shirt.

    1. Seedboy

      Wind Gap. Great winery. Wine maker is a genuinely great guy. I’ve not seen the Armagh but will be on the lookout for it.

  6. BargainWhine Post author

    I opened the other half bottle (stored in a 375ml bottle with a stopper and very little air) tonight. You could tell me it was a good Dry Creek Valley (AVA within Sonoma Valley) Zinfandel — it has tangy, dark, tarry fruit and spice (allspice and clove) — and I’d believe you.


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