Poggionotte 2010 Nero d’Avola

Sicilia Indicazione Geografica Protetta, Italy
Made with organic grapes; 14% ABV
Estate bottled by Di Giovanna SRL
$5 at the Richmond, CA store on 22 Aug

2010_Poggionotte_NeroDAvolaI think of Nero d’Avola wines as having soft, dark, ripe fruit, generally tasty for the low price but not very interesting.  In contrast, this producer boasts: The Di Giovanna Nero d’ Avola is a more powerful, masculine style of the native Sicilian grape that is typically plumy and soft. Thanks to rigorous vineyard work and yields reduced by 50% the wine is very concentrated and flavorful. It expresses the unique terroir and climate with a striking minerality.  Although this wine appears to be a lower-end bottling from this producer, not their main Nero d’Avola, I was still hopeful it would be more interesting than usual.

However, I suspect this bottle was heat damaged somewhere along the way.  While it did seem more structured than your usual NdA, it had a strong, somewhat aged-tasting tartness that never went away even after the wine had apparently fully aired.  It was pretty close to drinkable, but maybe because I had hoped for more, I have to put it in Thumbs Down.  Did anyone try this with better results?


8 thoughts on “Poggionotte 2010 Nero d’Avola

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Welcome, Marcella! I’m sorry to hear your bottle was not any better. Are there indeed Nero d’Avolas (or Neros d’Avola?) out there that are more solidly built than the <$10 sort I have usually encountered?

      1. JoelA

        Kermit Lynch usually has some, but you’ll part with a lot more than $ 10. And I think that the Oddlots shop has one, as well, maybe under $ 15..

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Probably your bottle had better provenance than what is sold at the Grocery Outlet, and is completely fine. If you find you must reassure yourself by opening your bottle, please let us know the results. 🙂


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