2010 Rabbit Ridge Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $9.99

Silverdale, WA    15.2% alc.     (Purchased on 8/30/13)

IMG_1103This is a lot of money for me to spend on a GO bottle.  Pours a deep, dark, inky purple with a ruby/garnet rim.  What would you expect from a high alcohol, super ripe red from the warm Paso Robles climate?  That’s what you get here!  The nose shows highly perfumed, overripe, seriously plummy, jammy aromas with some black currant and tarry qualities.  In the mouth, it’s thick and viscous, tarry and tannic, somewhat sweet from high alcohol, with more fruit than woody oak (though the oak is noticeable to me only in the mouth and not the nose).  The flavors show dark plum, some cocoa and somewhat typical Paso cooked prune with a touch of espresso.  Bitter finish that also leaves my mouth dry and puckery.  I felt the need to run for my Chap-Stik when I finished my first glass. 

This red is overblown and anything but subtle.  For me it shows none of the qualities I enjoy most from even the most mediocre of Cabernets.  Absolutely no finesse.  Napa has nothing to worry about with this Cab.  It tastes more like a huge Paso Zinfandel—and not a very good one at that.

I find it interesting that the winery website doesn’t even list a Rabbit Ridge Estate Cab Sauv.  It shows only their Russell Family Vineyard Cab…at an even higher 15.5% alc. for $50.00 a bottle!  Seriously tough match with food because it’s so overpowering.  I checked the site for about four other red wines and all ranged between 15% and 16% alcohol.  Whoa, Nelly!!!


6 thoughts on “2010 Rabbit Ridge Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $9.99

  1. inthewinecountry

    When Rabbit Ridge left town and first moved down there, they cleared out their inventory and some of it ended up at the dollar store. I enjoy a bargain but even I wouldn’t buy wine at the dollar store. Never was impressed with their wine and wouldn’t pay 10.00 for it

    1. Seedboy

      they made some good wine when they were on Westside Road. I’ve bought some good wine at the Dollar Store, I still remember a particular zin from Napa that i adored.

  2. Seedboy

    Unless your vineyards are up pretty high, like Justin’s, Paso is just too warm for cab. Paso should view itself in the southern France/Spain mode.

  3. Robbie Phillips

    This review is why I why am signed up for this (blog?) (post?) or whatever. Somebody made a wine and they didn’t give a flying f**k what food it went well with? Sign me up. I love wine; first and foremost. Thank you for your candor. Paso zins are my favorite. Ridge makes a single vinyard Paso zin from Dusi vineyard; excellent. But the inside story is that every year Ben Dusi sells a small amount of his grapes to Steve and Robbie Gliessman of Condor’s Hope Ranch. They have a small vineyard in the Cayanma (sp) Valley where they grow head pruned, dry farmed zin. They call the wine they make from Ben Dusi’s 90+ year old vines their “mentor’s reserve” wine. Half the price of Ridge and better. But… the wine from their own vineyard, (where Ben Dusi told them to buy the land) and helped them get started is just as fabulous. Just saying.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Sorry for the slow response, but it’s been a busy week for me. Appreciate the feedback, Robbie and I hope you continue to hang with our blog. I can’t say that I’ve never had a high alcohol red that didn’t go well with a particular food…but it happens very infrequently. I’m familiar with Dusi Vineyards, but appreciate the additional info you provided about the Gliessmans.

    2. seedboy

      I’ve enjoyed the Ridge Dusi a number of times through the years. I have to say, though, that my days of enjoying the big jammy high alcohol zins are well past me. To me the ideal zin is the Ridge Geyserville, or an old, well-stored Louis Martini zin. I tasted a 1964 last year that was lovely, at 12.5% alcohol.


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