S. Osvaldo 2006 Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso

Lison-Pramaggiore DOC, an area east of Veneto, northeast Italy; 12.5% ABV
Imported by Wineworth, LLC, Bellvue, WA
$6 at the Berkeley, CA store on 12 September

2006_S.Osvaldo_RefoscoI had no idea what this wine was when I picked it up, but hey, an unknown Italian wine I couldn’t see through, for a reasonable price?  Let’s try it!

It turned out that Refosco is a very old grape varietal, perhaps dating from the Roman empire, and “dal Peduncolo Rosso” is a popular sub-type “with red stems.”  The Wikipedia article says: “The wines this grape yields can be quite powerful and tannic” but “in the attempt of making the wine more approachable to an international palate, recent versions have taken well to new oak and cold fermentation.”

If making a more accessible Refosco was the producer’s intent, they succeeded very well.  I thought the wine was tasty from first pour and kept evolving nicely, but it really needed about 2.5 hours in a decanter to fully open.  Then, it showed soft, dark, plum with a component tending toward prune, rich meatiness, black cherry / cherry pit, a little sweet black pepper, dark slightly rusty earth, tangy acid of the above fruits with a little black raspberry and dried orange peel.  I found the wine a very tasty and interesting experience, and will get more if I see it again.


6 thoughts on “S. Osvaldo 2006 Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso

  1. Seedboy

    Robair told me he got a shipment that was a couple of cases of one thing and a couple of another. This was one of them. There is another Italian wine that came in the same bunch that is still there, the bottle I bought had a leaky cork.

  2. patrick

    I haven’t been able to find the Osvaldo in several So Bay stores, I’m wondering if it’s one of those Berkeley only wines?


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