Hedges Family Estate 2009 C.M.S.

45% Merlot, 39% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Syrah; 13.5% ABV
Columbia Valley, WA
$8 at the Oakland, CA, store on 9 September

2009_CabMerSyrTasty from first pour, but needed about 30 minutes to start opening up, and 60+ minutes to be fully aired.  Between 30 and 60 minutes, it reminded me a little of the tangy, darker fruits in the 2007 Beaver Creek “Mystery” ($6), another Merlot-Cab-Syrah blend.  However, with more air, the CMS became fruitier and more supple than the Mystery, but not as full-bodied, tangy, complex.  It showed flavors of purplish red cherries, light cranberries, and medium blueberries, with occasional touches of fruit-punchiness, in a medium-weight body.  It’s tasty wine, but as I liked it less than the lower-priced Mystery, and online it seems to have sold for $10, this is no bargain.


3 thoughts on “Hedges Family Estate 2009 C.M.S.

  1. jwc

    Costco has the 2010 Hedges CMS in Beaverton for $9.99 also, so not such a deal, doubtful if we’ll see it here, too close to WA.

  2. PeteB

    Living in Washington State, I’ve come to learn many of the local wines and producers, and Hedges is in my opinion an excellent producer. They make mostly higher-end wines; the C.M.S. is their lower-end blend intended for mass-market retail (Safeway, Costco, etc.) As you noted, it can usually be found around $10-12, though I’m sure official “retail” is higher. I would say that in general, $10 on a bottle of C.M.S. will be a better value than almost any off-the-shelf red blend you would find in a California supermarket. So $8 isn’t bad, but…

    As you noted, for a G.O. wine, we’re always hopeful for a bigger discount. I agree that $8 seems to place it a bit above the “G.O. bargain!” category, and more into the “decent wine if you need it.” range. You wonder why G.O. ended up with it, and all I can assume is that it’s an older vintage and retail channel expects newer vintages (though the older vintage actually is likely to make it better in the case of this wine — up to a point).

    I don’t have specific notes on 2009 but I’m sure I’ve had it — and have never been disappointed in what these wines provide. But, the higher-end lines of Hedges are what they are really known for — if you can ever find a “Hedges Red Mountain” I’d recommend it. (usually around $30, though I once found it a bit above $20 at Costco.) The first time I had what I would call an “expensive wine” was a Hedges Red Mountain, and it was an eye-opening experience. Up until that time I never paid more than $10 (seldom over $5-6). So I always have a nice memory of Hedges wines. But I still love to go to Grocery Outlet for bargains and sometimes find great things.

    1. Seedboy

      I have fond memories of the 1997 Hedges Red Mountain, bought at GO in 2001 as part of the wine.com liquidation bonanza. I think it was $5.99 and I bought at least half a case. All long gone now.


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