2011 Zinsanity Lodi Zinfandel, CA $6.99

Silverdale, WA     14.9% alc.     (Purchased on 9/10/13)

IMG_1159Clear medium ruby color; typical briary brambleberry, plummy nose, but also a bit earthy and perfumed.  Bitterness and stemminess permeates from beginning to finish with flavors of cooked prune, blackberry and tart cherry.  Thin, out of balance and one-dimensional, this wine is even less interesting to me than was the 2010 that I didn’t really like much either.  This will likely be my last experience with Zinsanity…at $7.00 this is no bargain.  If only I had followed my own advice from my review of the 2010 ( “I’m beginning to believe that some uncontrollable urge takes over my brain and body when I see ridiculously-named Zinfandels in Grocery Outlet.  I promise that next time I’ll lay down on the floor of the wine department until that urge passes.”).


5 thoughts on “2011 Zinsanity Lodi Zinfandel, CA $6.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    I tend to concur with your “real winery” MO, Seedboy…and I know you’ve expressed that a number of times on the blog. Unfortunately, I find myself tempting fate occasionally when there is little else new of consequence at my local GO. I feel like I need to review something for our readers whose tastes certainly vary…and that doesn’t always produce the desired result…i.e. I took another one for “the team”. : ~) Never saw the Jake Ryan wines up here.

    1. seedboy

      Thanks for taking one for the team. These are the wines that are available. It is good to know what they’re like. Occasionally even the negociants get it right.

  2. SipR

    I agree completely with “Thin, out of balance and one-dimensional,” I also am skeptical of Lodi (hot valley) red wines. There are much better coastal valley wines available for reasonable prices.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Thanks for checking in, SipR. And please see my reply to Seedboy regarding my review of this wine. I’ve had a few pretty tasty Lodi Zins (as Zin can do better than many other varieties in warmer climates), but like you, I’ve had an abundance of cooked Lodi plonk or near plonk as well. My search continues!

  3. Seedboy

    I’m always looking for some nice every day zin. With the GO I try to stick with wines that come from real wineries rather than negociants or the like (my general GO rule) and avoid Lodi, which produces a mess of mediocre zin (along with a few good ones). Last one I liked was that Russian River zin with the fancy bottle, and before that it was the Jake-Ryan


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