2010 Wines of Substance WA State (Columbia Valley) Syrah $5.99

Silverdale, WA   13.7% alc.   (Purchased on 9/20/13)

IMG_1175Clear medium ruby/garnet and a bit pink toned around the rim.  Really quite pale for a WA Syrah.  Nose is a little sulfury and slowly blows off to reveal lots of fresh ground black pepper, some white pepper and a little green bean aroma.  In the mouth it’s thin, watery, sharp and a little vinegary with more black pepper and raspberries.  Acid’s pretty high, fruit’s pretty low and tannins are nearly non-existant.  Skunky, sulfury nose and tartness never completely fade.  Website is more entertaining than this wine.  Made me think of “Breaking Bad”…a favorite TV program of mine.

One of our readers, RB had this to say about the wine on September 5th.  I doubt the screwcap had anything to do with it, but I concur with his/her assessment.  After all the hype I’ve read about this winery for the last couple of years, this effort was a complete letdown.  I found information on the web that said the grapes were from the Columbia Valley in both WA (Les Collines…a very reputable vineyard) and Oregon.  Not a repeat buy for me.


2 thoughts on “2010 Wines of Substance WA State (Columbia Valley) Syrah $5.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    You are already far more patient than me, bin5. This one just didn’t do a thing for me…and it really is disappointing.

  2. bin5

    I finally tried the bottle I bought a while ago. Burnt match stick is what came to mind for me along with the high acid and low fruit. Very disappointed considering the usual pedigree from this producer. I tried it the next day and the next day to see if anything changed. Finally on the third day after opening, the sulfur had gone away, the fruit came out, and the acid settled down. It tasted like a $10 Cote du Rhone. I will still pass on this one, I don’t have the patience.


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