2008 Truscott Old Vine Zinfandel, Mendocino County, CA $6.99

Silverdale, WA    14.5% alc.    (Purchased on 9/20/13)

IMG_1182As JoelA indicated on our “What’s New” tab earlier this month, this wine was produced by Weibel Estates in Hopland and bottled by their estate in Lodi.  I didn’t even realize Weibel was still around.  I used to sell their Green Hungarian at retail in the mid-70’s when they were located in (I believe) San Jose, (along with Grey Riesling from Wente).  They were both good sellers.  Sure have come a long way since then, eh?

Mostly clear medium garnet, but with a lot of brownish bricktone making it look much older than its years.  Pleasant enough nose with varietal brambleberry and the faintest of prune aromas.  In the mouth, there’s immediately sweet fruit on the front of the tongue, then it expands to a thick, smooth texture at mid-palate with more berry, prune and molasses fruit flavors along with spice and dark cocoa (as indicated on the back label), then finishes with soft, chewy tannins and mellow acidity.  I kind of like this Zin, but the browning concerns me…so if you decide to try it…I’d say drink it up quick.  Seedboy found it to be both thin and flabby, but I really didn’t get that.


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