Winfield Estate 2009 Proprietor’s Select Oregon Pinot Noir

Produced and bottled by Winfield Estate Wines, Turner, OR; 13% ABV
$9 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 18 Sept

2009_WigfieldEst_PropSel_PNTo my taste, this wine was was sort of mute until after about an hour in a decanter.  Then it had a delicate nature I like in Pinot Noir, with somewhat less intense flavors of dark red cherry / kirsch, sap, tangerine, rust, and not much else.  While it has classic Pinot flavors that are nicely balanced between fruit and acid, it’s not that complex and doesn’t have much earth or funk.  I had hoped for more for the price.


12 thoughts on “Winfield Estate 2009 Proprietor’s Select Oregon Pinot Noir

    1. lim13

      Based on Ashlander’s comments below from last September, Joel…is the $4.99 wine the Proprietors Select or the non-Proprietors? Actually I’ve never seen either of them up here in WA, but thought you might want to clarify.

  1. seedboy

    I actually feel that day 2 gives one some sort of idea of what will happen to a wine with age, or at least extended breathing. I cellar a lot of wine — including GO wine (I’ve had some GO wines more than 10 years) so that information is relevant to me, at least.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Also, I think many people drink a bottle over more than one day, and would like to know if the wine holds up that long.

  2. Ashlander

    I tried both the Proprietors Select and the non-Proprietors. I liked the non-Proprietors better. Seemed like it was more distinctive than the Proprietors. I would love the non at $4.99 instead of $7.99.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Yes, this wine would be decent at $6, good at $5, and darn good at $4. I haven’t seen the non-PS around here.

  3. seedboy

    Thanks for trying this out. The Berkeley store has a good quantity of this. Robair had a full pallet of the Remarkable 2008 Santa Barbara Co. pinot ($5.99) that he was putting out today. I’ve tried a bottle, and thought it was actually better on day 2. Good fruit both days, for some reason the acidity was more pronounced the second day, leading to better balance.

      1. jwc

        This statement is so ignorant, I had to reply. Robbie your analogy of comparing a bottle of wine to a hurricane is ludicrous. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, as a companion to social gatherings with loved ones, the 3 F’s (food, family and friends). Last time I checked, a hurricane was not something to be enjoyed while it was taking place…endured and survivable perhaps.
        Day 2, on many premium wines is an indicator of how long the wine will mature and improve, and may also give an indication of how long the wine should be decanted in order to receive maximum enjoyment. In other words,checking a wine on Day 2, 3, 4 or 5 for that matter, can be a barometer of how the wine will age and perform in the coming years. The comparison of Day 2, in letting people know how nice the weather is after the hurricane, as being irrevelant…Come on Man! Really?


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