NV Ryan Patrick Columbia Valley Redhead Red, WA $4.99

Silverdale, WA     13.5% alc.    (Purchased on 10/2/13)

IMG_1193Problem with non-vintage wines is…if there’s no lot number on the label, who knows which version of NV this is.  I found a winery fact sheet on a Redhead Red that says this may be 54% Merlot, 38% Cab Sauv and 8% Syrah and that it got 18 months oak ageing.  Must have been mighty neutral oak because I get nothing to speak of and I’m very oak sensitive.  But if you enjoy cherryish Merlot fruit, this might be the wine for you.  In some respects, it’s kind of like the red version of the mighty fine Ryan’s Riesling I reviewed previously.  The winery sold this for $10, so it’s now half price at GO.

Clear medium cherry red with a lavender rim; nose is very forward and fruity with aromas of cherry Kool-Ade and ripe raspberries; in the mouth there’s some tannin and light chewiness and flavors of more raspberries and cherries and perhaps the very slightest bit of residual sugar (but could just be perceived due to the overload of fruitiness).  A very simple, but tasty red quaffer that would likely show best in warm summer weather.  We’re having corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight, so this might work well with the salty meat…and it’s got that goofy green leprechaun on the label, so it just seems to fit!


8 thoughts on “NV Ryan Patrick Columbia Valley Redhead Red, WA $4.99

  1. bin5

    I tried this wine because I have had good experience with Ryan Patrick wines. I particularly like their Rock Island Red which is always a good QPR. Not a fan of this label, but I found lim13’s review to be on target with what I experienced. An easy quaffer for the sunny deck. Might even be good slightly chilled. More of a drinkable plus for me.

    1. lim13 Post author

      So glad to hear your experience was better than Ski Dude’s. And chilling it first sounds like a fine idea…kind of Beaujolais-like.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Hi Ski Dude. Because there’s a wine out there for everyone…and because, while this was hardly one of the better wines I’ve had from GO, but quite drinkable…could you possibly tell our readers in more descriptive terms what qualified this wine as “nasty” for you? Thanks.

    1. lim13 Post author

      It’s relatively delicious…but magically…uh?? Maybe I’ll try my next bottle for breakfast with my Lucky Charms…and immediately following my shower with a bar of Irish Spring. Thank God for a sense of humor.

  2. lim13 Post author

    Right you are! I don’t make it a habit, Richard…and never from an unknown producer. But there have occasionally been some reasonably tasty NV wines. Novella has shown a few at GO. And I’m sure some GO customers (and those of other retailers) never even notice that there’s no vintage on the label.


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