2009 F8 Washington State Merlot

20130924_171541_1_resized (2)Walla Walla, WA
13.5% Alc.
$4 at Maple Valley, WA (purchased 10/4/13)

The back label says produced in Walla Walla, WA. This is usually code for Precept Wines for these off brand labels and behold I did find that the trademark belonged to Precept. I also found a reference to an F8 Reserve Cabernet that implied that F8 is a private label for Haggen Food Markets, a local WA chain.

This wine has a stevlin enclosure. Cocoa, oak, and cherry in the nose. Good structure on the palate of fine tannins and balanced acidity. Cola, some earthy notes, dark fruit, and a touch of mint. Not especially complex, but enough to not be boring. My guess is this was an $8- $10 wine in its release. I give it a thumbs up for easy drinking and good balance for the $4 price tag. Worth a try.


One thought on “2009 F8 Washington State Merlot

  1. BargainWhine

    Bin5! It’s nice to hear from you again. “F8” makes me think of either an aperture setting on the film camera I used as a kid or a key on the upper row of my keyboard…


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