Antaño 2009 Tempranillo

Rioja DOC, Spain, from Garcia Carrion; 13.5% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 2 Oct.  Seen at the Oakland store today.

Antano_Temp_2009After loving the Antaño 2007 Reserva I got as an excess buyer’s sample, I grabbed this bottle right away.  This basic bottling is far from that Reserva, but it’s tasty enough for serviceable every day dinner wine, and the price is right.

It starts out reasonably tasty, but airs over about an hour to show tangy flavors of dark red cherry, sour cherry, maybe some roasted ham, and a little earth / aromatic spice.  I did not eat while drinking it, but its balance of ripe fruit and acid was enough toward the acid that I suspect it would be better with food.  Tasted on its own over about 80 minutes, it never became outright yummy.  There were a couple moments that I thought I detected a little too-old-ness, so don’t wait to drink it.


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