2002 Nice Legs Merlot

20131010_101510_resized (2)Benton City, WA
13.5% alc.
$6 at Kent, WA

This wine is made by Kiona Vineyards and seems to be part of several wines showing up at GO from this long time family producer on Red Mountain AVA at the east end of the Yakima Valley. Lim13 reviewed a late harvest Sauvignon Blanc and has a Mourvedre Rosé in his queue.

First thing I noticed was the cork, it was real and in perfect shape with no ullage and only an eighth inch ring on the bottom. The nose was very appealing with smoke, coffee, savory herbs, and just a touch of raspberry fruit. On the palate it started out a little hot, with chewy tannins and very subdued cherry fruit. This all toned down after a half hour and the tobacco and herbs became most prevalent. I am not a cigar smoker, but I likened this to drinking the best parts of a fine cigar. Good acid with a lingering finish and although most of the fruit is gone, the tobacco and savory herbs I found very enjoyable. I give this a thumbs up as how often can you try a thirteen year old WA merlot for $6 that still has some moxie. I might pick up a couple more and the label is actually kind of fun.


7 thoughts on “2002 Nice Legs Merlot

  1. lim13

    Finally got around to opening my bottle of this red and bin5 and Ski dude summed it up nicely. My notes: Clear medium garnet and taking on a slight brick/orange tone, especially around the rim. Nose of bright red cherry, cinnamon spice and anise. In the mouth the spice dominates, but there’s also leafy earthiness, tobacco, subtle cherry fruit and oak that comes across in more of a cedary way. It’s of medium weight with tannins still firm and some bitterness from mid-palate through the fairly long finish. Finish also shows some medicinal nuances. This clearly drinks like the older Merlot that it is. I wanted to try it today, as there were still five bottles at the Bremerton GO. But I’ll leave them for someone else. While tasty, it’s just not for me.

  2. bin5 Post author

    Tried this wine again and I like it again which is always a relief. This bottle showed a little more fruit (as Ski dude noted) and the half bottle the next day was just as good and maybe a little better. I will be upping the ante. It seems to be showing up at a few more places.

  3. Ski dude

    Just opened my 1st bottle. Cork was in good condition but smelled a bit musty upon first sniff. 1st pour was delightful. Deep red, full of ripened fruit and a bit of smoky tobacco with a hint of forced oak. After it opened for 20 + min! a much richer, full bodied, rounded flavor emerged.
    I bought 1 case and will have no problem sharing with family & friends!


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