2010 Kiona First Crush Red Mountain Rosé, WA $5.99

Silverdale, WA      12.8% alc.    (Purchased on 10/5/13)

100% Mourvedre from the generally considered prestigious Red Mountain AVA of eastern Yakima County.  And yet another wine from Kiona.

IMG_1210Clear deep pink with a very closed nose.  On first taste, it seems to be just off dry; more dry than not (back label says it has “a hint of sweetness”).  I like the texture; while hardly a wine you can sink your teeth into, it’s lightly chewy, so there’s real mouthfeel.  Acidity is at a reasonable level too.  The wine is balanced, but made from a hearty variety like Mourvedre, I would expect big flavors and this rosé isn’t showing me that.  It seems to be lacking fruit and any intensity.  Little in the way of strawberry, raspberry, watermelon or any of the usual flavors one expects from a decent rosé, though I did detect a bit of black pepper.  It’s drinkable, but I can’t recommend it.


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