2010 Mas la Chevaliere blanc Peyroli

Chardonnay – Viognier blend from Laroche, South of France; 14% ABV
Previous vintages have been 85-90% Chardonnay
$4 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 14 Oct.  Also seen at the Oakland store.

2010_LaRoche_MasLaChevaliere_blanc_PeyroliAfter loving the 2011 Rosé de la Chevalière, I jumped on this bottle.  It turned out to be much less exceptional, but still good wine for the money.

The wine has a pleasant nose of yellow apple and peach, with some white to yellow flowers.  There’s more of the same on the palate, with some oak as well.  The ripe fruit is nicely balanced with acid of peach and less ripe lemon, and with bitterness of yellow grape skin and peach pit.  It seems to me that there is nothing especially French about it — it could be from California — but it’s a flavorful and solidly made quaffer.


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