2011 Corrientes 348 Mendoza Malbec Reserva, Argentina $2.99

Silverdale, WA    13% alc.    (Purchased on 10/2/13)

IMG_1184Clear deep ruby; after about an hour of air time, the nose shows some very pleasant aromatics of dark plum, espresso and a little bit of forest floor.  In the mouth, it’s more tannic than I’ve had expected with decent acidity and flavors of black coffee, black currant, dark plum and black raspberry.  Slight bitterness and lingering tannins in the finish.  Not terribly complicated, but for three dollars, it’s a pretty tasty red and shows good bang for your buck.  Hearty enough to pair with a thick, juicy steak.  But one word of caution: I finished my bottle two days later and everything had dropped out…the fruit and the tannins.  So try to finish the bottle the day it’s opened (tough work, but you can handle it!).


6 thoughts on “2011 Corrientes 348 Mendoza Malbec Reserva, Argentina $2.99

  1. patrick

    A nice lady at the So. SF store suggested I try this Malbec and that she was from Europe and liked this type of wine so I did but had a different experience, at first I thought it was too strong and corked it, the next day enjoyed it with a rib steak.

  2. GOWineLover

    Hit the nail on the head. I commented on this in the What’s New section. This wine is big and bold and not very complex but a great weekday wine for a good meal with meat. Nice value for the price compared to Malbecs in the $8-10 range.

      1. GOWineLover

        Wasn’t trying to draw attention to my review. Thanks for linking for others’ sakes. Just contributing to the Strength in Numbers approach since it’s nice to see more than 1 reply per post here especially for wines that often appear questionable. Enjoy and thanks for your continued work!


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