2011 Pennywise Petite Sirah

20131020_175446_resized (2)California
13.5% alc.
$5 at Renton, WA (purchased 10/20/13)

There are several Pennywise varietals showing up at GO right now in what appears to be large quantities. Pennywise is a label from “the other guys” which is a Don Sebastiani and Sons company. This label seems focused at the $10-$12 retail category.

Dark ruby red in color. Nose of caramel, spice, and berry. Pretty much tastes like it smells although the berry is more hidden under overdone (my opinion) caramel, molasses, and oak. Maybe the berry will come out more later with more air or resting. I think this is a very manufactured wine for the mass palate. In a blind tasting I would have had trouble figuring out the varietal. However if you like oak and the associated flavors that come from oak, then you will like this wine. I suspect that there will be many that do. It certainly is drinkable and probably would be a party pleaser, but lacks character for me. There will probably be plenty during the sale at $4.


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