2010 Jargon California Pinot Noir $3.99

Silverdale, WA    13.5% alc.    (Purchased on 10/22/13)

Apparently from Trinchero Family Estates (Sutter Home producers), Jargon PN sells at regular retail for around $10 and reminds me of some of the CA Castle Rock Pinots I’ve had.

IMG_1287Clear, fairly deep ruby color.  (Whenever I make a comment about the color of Pinot Noir, I instantly think of Seedboy who has on many occasions reminded us that color is of little concern to him with PN.  And I tend to agree because I’ve made Pinot Noir and it’s one of the most fickle grapes in terms of extracting color during fermentation.)  This one has the typically varietal Pinot nose with plenty of fruity black cherry.  In the mouth it’s all red fruit with sweet Bing and tart pie cherry blended nicely…as well as lively raspberries.  Acidity is great…tangy but not overly so.  Loaded with fresh fruit flavors and very restrained oak.  I’m getting none of the skunky, mushroomy qualities of a more complex PN or French Burgundy, but we’re talking four bucks for Pinot here folks…not $25-$50.  Fairly long, flavorful finish.  For me…this wine is an excellent value, even with the corny name.  And that may explain why it’s been flying off the shelves at my local GO.  If there’s any left, I’ll grab a few more.


9 thoughts on “2010 Jargon California Pinot Noir $3.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    Had another bottle of this tonight…two years since my last one. Tastes just as delicious as my first bottle; full of cherry and red fruit flavors and perfectly varietal. Glad I bought a bunch. Hard to touch a Pinot this tasty for four bucks.

    1. EHL

      Hey Lim…I was surprised to see your notes pop up on the blog concerning this specific wine.

      A friend gave a friend of mine up here in Seattle a bottle of the Jargon PN recently. When she opened it last week, we both had no idea what type of wine it would be.

      I was impressed that it was so surprisingly good. Your notes capture its attributes well.

      Hard to beat such a tasty, well-balanced, California Pinot (wonder where the grapes came from?) for $4…


      1. lim13 Post author

        Like minds think alike, EHL? Glad you too (and two) enjoyed it. As for the grapes, haven’t found that info yet. But the winery site says that the Pinot for their 2011 version came from Monterey and the California Delta. They also say that the Pinot was blended with 18% Monterey Syrah and 6% California Petite Sirah. I can see those varieties being in the 2010 too, giving it its darker color and more intense fruit and body. Obviously, whatever’s in there…I like it.

        1. EHL

          Thanks for the cepage info, Lim.

          If I see anymore of the Jargon PN around here (not at Skyway or MLK Gos recently), I will definitely pickup at least a half-case.

          BTW, I take it that you have been liking Darrell Bevell’s play-calling lately during the Hawk’s hot streak run to the Superbowl and our rematch with the Pats…LOL.

          GO SEAHAWKS…and Happy Holidays to you and the family!


          1. lim13 Post author

            Thanks, EHL…and Happy Holidays to you too. Still unsure about Bevell, but I like the Hawks’ chances at another Superbowl…even without a first string running back.

  2. lim13 Post author

    Silverdale blew through this wine, as did Bremerton. I believe Bremerton’s supply is gone, but Silverdale got another shipment of it and there’s more to be had as of Sat. 11/9/13.

  3. Seedboy

    I was at both Oakland and Berkeley yesterday and I saw no sigh of this wine.
    I bought some of that tonic, too, and some of the ginger beer because my wife likes the Moscow Mule. I think those Fever Tree products are all gone now.
    I’ve thought that it might be nice if there were a section of this blog that welcomed alerts on good non-wine GO products we’re liking. I buy a lot of stuff there.

    1. BargainWhine

      Hi Seedboy. Lim13, Bin5 and I talked it over and we’re going to stick with just wine. If you (or anyone else) want to mention other deals you enjoyed, especially if they paired well with wine, that’s fine, but we feel we’ve got enough on our plates (or in our glasses) as it is.

      When DLuber first started commenting here, he pointed us to ChowHound discussions of SF Bay Area GO food bargains. Here is the one for October:
      I couldn’t find one for November.

  4. dluber

    Haven’t seen that one down here in the East SF Bay yet, although I don’t get out to GO as much as BargainWhine or SeedBoy any more. The Castle Rock prompts a comment though: I recently got a Castle Rock Carneros pinot from the Berkeley store, for which I had semi-high hopes given the good AVA and the nice reviews of another CR pinot (from Santa Barbara) I saw at BevMo recently. Thumbs Down on the Carneros, though – too much funky, skunky stuff going on, in a reduced, thiol/mercaptan vein.

    I went to BevMo on one of the rare occasions I buy liquor, also prompted by Gross Out, where I had recently gotten no less than 3 varieties of Fever Tree tonic water (who knew there was more than one kind?) as well as some San Pellegrino “Chinotto”, a dark, bittersweet orange soda reminiscent of Campari – so I decided I needed some (good) gin.


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