Fall 2013 wine sale 20% off

winesale_generalThe Fall 2013 wine sale will be this coming Wednesday, November 6 through Sunday, November 10.  Please use comments here to let us know what you’re planning on stocking up on and where you’re hoping it will still be when you get there.  🙂

When the number of new wines had slowed down, I did indeed stock up a little at sale time.  However, now that there’s more rapid turnover again, I’ll probably just use the sale to try higher-priced wines I had previously avoided (that haven’t already been marked down!), and of course any interesting new offerings.

At sale time, send us your observations, here or in “What’s New?”.  Cheers!

Update 5 Nov:  I guess y’all aren’t going to divulge what you want to buy before you get it through the checkout.  Well, let us know what you got and what you didn’t get afterwards.  🙂

Also, it has struck me that the pricing had changed.  Whereas, the price of a wine seemed to reflect the cost to the GO, now it seemed to be roughly 40 – 60% of the “Elsewhere” price.  The notice I received about the sale says just that:



33 thoughts on “Fall 2013 wine sale 20% off

  1. weinish

    Just some thoughts on recent wines:

    the Quilici is going back. Bought 5 bottles. Waaay too much sediment (doesn’t always matter), and brackish. Seems past it’s prime.

    Also didn’t agree with the Michaud Chard. Upon opening it I somewhat liked it, but the next day it was gone for me. It had an effervescence I didn’t particularly love. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    The Pope Valley Merlot was very good.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi weinish. Quilici: that’s why I decanted it off that sediment, although it sounds as though it wouldn’t float your boat even without the sediment. Michaud: Effervescence? I didn’t find anything like that the one bottle I’ve opened so far. Did you also open only one? And I have to admit I loved it so much that I didn’t let any survive until the next day. I’m glad to hear you found something you liked, though.

  2. BargainWhine Post author

    So.. another wine sale come and gone. Although I complain about how prices have risen and, in general, become more “rationalized” so that they’re “40 – 70% of prices elsewhere,” I was happier with the selections this time. Even the months leading up to the sale had a lot more interesting choices from which to choose. But not everyone I talked with during the sale had this opinion. What’s yours?

    1. jwc

      I’m pleased with the wines I picked up, I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. I did venture out to a number of stores yesterday, Oregon City, Beaverton Progress, Milwaukie and there wasn’t any wine that I was interested in, cases and cases of entry level Gallo wines, Harlow Ridge, Whiplash chard and cab, Feeding Frenzy, the usual suspects, the Red Door ’10 pinot was there, but in a pinot saturated market, I passed for now. Also, a lot of recent vintage bordeauxs here in Ptown, and of the ones I was able to taste, were flavorless, so I can understand some disappointment in locations throughout the Portland area. Having tasted the Sacred Hill ’08 Pinot noir and the Norley’s Carneros ’10 Chardonnay I’m more than content with these wines (notes to come) and am curious about the Bodega Norton ’06 Finca Perdriel Centario red blend which comes in a massive bottle I’m doing curls with, and seeing some noticeable improvement in my guns/biceps 🙂
      I’ll grade it a B, but you had to do your homework, in order to receive the results one was looking for…was hoping to see the Buena Vista merlot along with the Terra Blanca Arch Terrace merlot , but not to be, as with most GO wines/availability, the luck of the draw came into play. Hope you came out a winner with your picks!

      1. lim13

        I was sure hoping to get a few more of the Buena Vista Merlot too, jwc…but it was gone by the end of the first day of the sale. I suspect the Silverdale store only got 1-2 cases. I’d likely give the sale in our area stores a B- or C+. I’ve seen better…and I’ve seen much worse. And now that GO has captured some new clientele, watch the really interesting stuff start to hit the shelves…at regular price (which still ain’t bad in comparison to full retail). I’ll be anxious to see if that pans out.

      2. erle

        I only visited Beaverton and Milwaukie. I would rate this sale a C, a mere shadow of the sale a few years ago. I was surprised by the lack of anything interesting at Milwaukie on Thurs of sale.
        They used to have a great wine dept. The Gallo and the assortment of “sweet red” wines are definitely on my avoid list.

  3. RGardner

    I have found my wine of the sale at the Lakewood WA store, 2008 Arch Terrace (second label of Terra Blanca) Red Mountain Merlot $10 (before 20% off). List was $25, online one place has it for $16. I was there when it was brought out today. 89 pts CT.

    I’ve done the rounds of the three Tacoma area stores and I’ve seen much variation between the store holdings. Plus the common wines that are on the advert (Red Door PN, Robert Oatley, CATE, ….)

    Friday PM I went to a Bordeaux tasting at the 56th St store (small store). Fun time; I liked 2 of the 5 poured (cough, I dumped one into the bucket, so 4):
    2010 Chateau Sabatey-Bellevue. Flabby and thin. Lim13 reviewed here in May 2012 as “drinkable”
    20?? Chateau Du Pradier – Needs air, fruits and berries, some tannins. Lim13 reviewed here in March 2012 as “thumbs up.” Also on the shelves in Lakewood. Not sure if new or old at GO
    2012 Chateau Grand Corbier Minervois – smooth, structured. I bought. 2010 reviewed here by bin5 in Nov 2012

    Other wines of interest at 56th St:
    2008 Nugan Estate Saviours Rock Durif $15

    6th Ave, Mostly the forced stuff.
    2010 Lake & Vine Red $8
    2011 Blue Pirate Pinot Gris $4 (the Blue Parrot Pinot Noir was quite tasty in the past), another Precept Brands

    2007 Two Ponds (Waterbrook) Cabernet Sauvignon (last year the Merlot and Chardonnay were available) Precept $4
    NV Ant Moore Kiki sparkling Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough $4/10
    2009 Rosedale Cat Amongst the Pigeons “Fat Cat” Shiraz/Cabernet Barossa $5
    2008 Washington Hills Paradise Peak Late Harvest Riesling $4 ($8) Precept Brands, no idea what the Paradise Peak means here (probably not the Paradise Peak near Sherman Pass on WA-20!) – After Thanksgiving dinner wine.
    2012 Lamplighter Cabernet Sauvignon (CA) (2008 has decent reviews “Cult of 8” winemakers buying excess grapes)

    1. flitcraft

      This sale was, in my opinion, a richer pool for fishing in than last spring’s sale, when I bought only a couple of things. Either that, or my cellar is in need of replenishing more than it was then.

      Anyway, I ended up buying almost three cases total, shopping at four different GO’s (with two different wine-buddies)–the Kenmore GO, Lake City GO, SODO GO, and the MLK GO. Here’s what I got (and, to the best of my memory, where it came from):

      Jargon 2010 PN (MLK GO)
      Viansa Arneis (Lake City GO)
      Kiona First Crush Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc (Lake City GO)
      Fernz Sauvignon Blanc (Lake City GO)
      EOS 2009 Vintage Revenge (Kenmore GO)
      Brophy Clark GSM (MLK GO)
      Mia’s Playground 2006 PN–the 3.99 version (SODO GO; Kenmore and MLK had it at 11)
      Triada Torrontes-Chardonnay (MLK GO)
      Hideaway Creek 2007 Cab (note the year–earlier I’d seen the 2008) (Kenmore GO)
      Mosaic Cabernet (MLK GO)
      Zany Zin (Lake City GO)
      Marcucci Farms Zin (Lake City GO)
      Robert Oatley 2009 Shiraz (Kenmore GO–didn’t see any ROs anywhere else)
      Robert Oatley 2010 Rose of Sangiovese (Kenmore GO)
      Chateau de la Motte Madiran (I think the 2001, definitely not the 2003) (Kenmore GO)
      Murphy 2005 Syrah (1 lonely bottle at the Kenmore GO)
      Veit Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Kabinett 2008 (Kenmore GO)

      So, my cellar’s nice and full now, and I owe a huge, huge thank you to all of you for posting your notes on these wines. Folks here kiss a lot of frogs to uncover the princes among the GO wines, and your generous sharing of notes makes it so much easier for us all to find the real bargains.

      Two final notes: The Robert Oatleys are a screaming deal, sale or no sale, and Kenmore still had a pile of them as of yesterday afternoon–Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay as well as the Rose and Shiraz. Also, Kenmore was selling 12 packs of Goose Island beer (sampler packs, SummerAle, IPA, and Harvest Ale (an ESB bitter clone) for 9.99. They’re a bit past ‘sell by’ date, but the beer is still sound, so if you like those styles and are in the area, you might check them out.

      1. lim13

        You’ve got yourself a very nicely rounded cellar, flitcraft. Good job! I believe you found the best of the best in our local GO’s in the greater Seattle area. And we appreciate your kind words about note-posting. I’m certain that goes for the blog reviewers and our many readers who take the time to share what they’ve found with the entire “Magical World…” community. On Wednesday the 6th, we established another record for hits on the blog…3,001!! That makes us feel really good! And we continue to add new subscribers nearly every day. So on this last day of the Fall sale, may you find only “princes”…no “frogs”.

  4. Rondo

    Was in San Leandro store today. some of the wines i remember seeing were the Cate Napa Cab, Karly zin, Concannon cab, Graff spatlese and kabinett, tons of LaRoche Chevaliere, Robert Oatley gewurz and shiraz,, Grant Burge Shiraz, a few bottles of Girault Pouilly Fume, three rivers cab,Viansa arneis, Hedges GMS, Swallow gewurz, Michaud Chardonnay, 1998 Michel colin Deleger Chassagne 1er ($5),Patiana chard, the 2001 de la Motte Madrian red, last two 375ml bottles of Girault sancerre, Pope Valley Sangiovese.Mosaic cab, Caloro zin,some of the Whiplash wines, Charquino albarino, Terrre du Mistral CDR, Winfield pinot noir.

  5. bin5

    Whew, interesting day. It started at the Maple Valley store around 8am, tasting wine at the Renton store at 10am (thanks Erin!) and getting home around noon. I have more wine than I planned, but I am ready for the holidays with lots of wine gifts. The prices are before 20% off.

    My picks from wines I have had:
    2008 Hideaway Creek Cabernet $10 (Renton, Kent, MV)
    2008 Tremani Pinot Noir $10 (Renton)
    2011 Mosaic Cabernet $11
    2008 Brophy Clark GSM $8
    2010 Robert Oatley Chardonnay $4
    2008 Concannon Cabernet $7
    2010 Jargon $4 (tasted at Renton, lim13 nails it as usual)
    2009 Eos Vintage Revenge Red $7 (Renton)

    Some wines still around from the last sale that I keep drinking:
    2009 Uncorked Chardonnay $6 (Kent)
    2009 Jean Marc Brocard Chablis $9 (Renton)
    2010 Rigal Sauvignon Blanc $6(Maple Valley, Renton)
    2009 Santerra Red $6(Maple Valley, Skyway)

    Wines I bought based on reviews (thanks lim13):
    1997 Woodbridge Port $6 (Maple Valley) sweet….
    2009 MontGras Reserva Cab $5 (Maple Valley)
    2011 Corientes 348 Malbec $3 (Maple Valley)

    Other wines I tasted:
    2012 Cate Cabernet $10 – pretty darn good, leans towards the oaky/caramel side
    2011 Raza Malbec $6– not quite as good as the 2010 but still a great buy
    2010 Red Door Pinot Noi $7r – My money is on the Tremani and the Jargon
    2010 Six Prong Red $5 – okay, not a buy for me

    Wines I should have bought more of before the sale:
    2002 Nice Legs Merlot $6
    2009 Robert Oatley Shiraz $4

    1. Seedboy

      That is a lot of wine. I opened the Oatley Gewurtz. It did not have the acid to balance the fruit/maybe sugar. It has nice flavors but not the balance I seek. The Sangiovese is a pleasing red wine and on the second day still shows a core of unreleased fruit. I’ve left a glass for a third day

  6. lim13

    Absolutely nothing new at the Silverdale GO today (11/6/13), but my wine guy, Stan is away right now and I believe returning on Thursday. I suspect we’ll see more out on the floor by late Thursday or early Friday, as he told me before he left that there was a lot of wine still to be delivered.

  7. weinish

    I purchased a Cate cab Solely Because 2012 is supposed to be a very good year. I will try it later on I hope.

    picked up a Pope Valley Merlot as well, as well as a couple Michaud ChArds.

    1. bin5

      I tasted this today at the Renton store. Decent wine worth the money, a little oaky/caramel for me. I like the Hideaway for the same money a little better and the Mosaic for a buck more.

    1. weinish

      I was able to purchase 5 bottles of that when it was mis-priced at $5 a couple of months ago. it is a very good wine but it is not necessarily amazing. at the 5 dollar price I definitely would have grabbed a case.

      Also Nabbed 4 bottles of the quilici.
      this WordPress app doesn’t work very well with my phone

  8. BargainWhine Post author

    So… I got a bit more than I had planned or expected… (prices below are before sale discount)
    1 2010 Swallow Gewurztraminer $4
    1 2005 Quilici Sanigovese $5 (Richmond a little of this)
    2 2011 Girault Pouilly-Fume $5 (gone before I left)
    2 2006 Michaud Chardonnay $10 (still more when I left but going fairly quickly)
    1 2009 Pellegrini “Cloverdale Ranch” Merlot $8
    1 2007 Monk’s Gate Oregon Pinot Noir $15
    1 2012 Sancerre “La Vigne aux Filles” $5 (gone before I left)
    1 2009 Chateau Grand Lacaze, Medoc, Bordeaux, $9

    Thanks to Darrell who was tasting wines in the parking lot. I would not have gotten the Monk’s Gate Pinot without his help. Berkeley was getting in Pope Valley Sangiovese for $4 right before I left. I thought it was tasty but a little simple, although probably didn’t get to air it long enough. Also a Gravelly Ford Zin and a Naudin (or something like that) Bordeaux that were both pretty bad. There’s a 2011 Rosenberg Old Vines Zin from Alexander Valley that I thought was not bad after a little air, but far from what I would expect for (I think) $15. You should be able to get a better Zin at a regular wine store for that price. The “1897 Homestead” Cabernet is not bad for $10, pretty good, even, for the sale price of $8.

    2 2009 Capitel della Crosara Valpolicella Ripasso, $6, for some reason this is still $9 at Berkeley
    1 2011 Girault Pouilly-Fume $5 (gone before I left)
    2 2009 Tempra Tantrum Tempranillo / Malbec $4
    1 2011 Alfred Graf Kabinett, Rheinhessen, Germany, $5
    2010 Pierre Sparr Reserve Pinot Gris, $5
    1 2009 Whiplash Redemption Red $4 (I hear the Whiplash Chardonnay is pretty good, too)

    At the Richmond store, there was also a Pear Tree Pinot Noir for $4. I thought it was okay but not great. Some of the orangey earth typical of NZ Pinots drifted into burnt rubber.

    1. dluber

      I hit Berkeley yesterday; despite my promise to myself to stop buying too much wine, I walked out with three cases – but one I was just holding for friend (honest, Pa!). Lots of interesting stuff there. I grabbed a couple Pope Valley 09 Merlot based on the rep and because I felt bad about maligning their Cab in a a review a while ago; also grabbed the last two bottles of PV Sangio I saw on the shelf (hey, $3.20). Michaud marked $10 there so I took a case at $8. Took a flyer on the

      Today at Oakland, Michaud was marked $14 (but apparently scans at $10) – down to a few. Not really that much interesting there – I walked out with only four bottles: 2 Capitel della Crosara (also $6 there) plus a 2008 Wolf Blass President’s Choice Cab (drinking it now; I remember liking their Yellow Label a while ago, but this one is kind of a mishmash of over- and under-ripe grapes) and a Sawkar 03 Merlot, an apparently small family-owned or vanity “real” winery in Napa. Looks promising. The Pope Sangio was not on the shelf, but Steve brought a couple out for a lady he was schmoozing. Although Steve loves to talk about wine and writes even wordier reviews than me, I gotta give Robaire the edge on wine-buying savvy this time. Although who knows, maybe it’s not entirely under their control?

  9. RGardner

    I checked the three Tacoma areas stores today and stuff was still being put out. Nothing really stood out to me. GOW = review at Grossoutwines

    Cheap Oddballs I’m not touching:
    Cisco Blueberry $2
    Rex Goliath White Zinfandel $2
    Paul Masson California White $2

    I’ll probably buy:
    10 Jargon Pinot Noir – $4/10
    08 Tremani Pinot Noir Hansen Vineyards RRV Decent GOW Reviewed
    10 Brovide Cordara Barbera 6/17 GOW reviewed
    10 Robert Oatley Rose of Sangiovese 4/16
    07 Stamas Zany Zin 7/19 GOW Reviewed
    10 Robert Oatley Pinot Gris 4/14 (low on PG for cooking)
    10 Robert Oately Gewurtztraminer – good Thanksgiving
    11 St Helens Riesling 4/9 (decent off-dry, I’ve had)
    11 Viansa Arneis 5/18 (CA)
    08 Saviours Rock Durif 15/30 (NSW)
    11 Marques de Caro Tempranillo Valencia 5/9 (ugly label) Cherubino Valsangiacomo SA
    Lake and Vine Red GOW
    Almond Roca red – drinks like Baileys, and is local 8/13 (Precept).

    NV Patrick Ryan Red 5/11
    09 Grove Street Syrah 5/10 – affiliated with Windsor Vineyards, no reviews
    12 CATE Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 10/20 – no info
    10 Le Barron Ranch School Car Petite Syrah 11/30
    11 Chateau du Pradier Bordeaux 6/13
    12 Sonoma Oaks Pinot Gris 9/16 (too $$$)
    10 Stone Valley Chardonnay 5/13 – no data
    12 CATE Chardonnay Napa 7/16
    10 FerNZ Sauvignon Blanc 5/8 GOW Review
    09 EOS Petite Syrah
    07 Chateau d’Og Cabernet Sauvignon (CA – Central coast) 6/11 Mutt Lynch
    06 mia’s Playground Pinot Noir 12/20 (I have some already)
    10 Bauer Haus Kabinet Rheinhessen 5/9
    10 Masseria de Feuno Nero d’Avola 7/13
    11 Petit Lixandre Bordeaux (Cave du Marmandars) 7/11
    08 Moselland Riesling and Kabinet Riesling Lighthouse series
    Lake & Vine Red/white GOW

    I haven’t seen locally but will consider itf I see them:
    Robert Oatley – particularly the Tempranillo $4, also 09 Shiraz
    2009 MontGras 200 Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon/Carmenere, Chile $4.99
    2008 Brophy Clark Santa Ynez Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre ($8)
    2008 Beaver Creek Fairytail Red $8
    EOS 2009 “Vintage Revenge” Red $7
    Spectacle White Wine 2010 $3
    Tefft Cellars 2011 BFV (Barrel Fermented Viognier) Rattlesnake Hills $4
    2010 LaRoche Sauvignon Blanc de la Chevalière $4
    2012 Triada La Rioja Torrontes/Chardonnay, Argentina $3.99

    Wines I will not be buying based on poor reviews:
    08 Truscott Old Vine Zinfandel 7/15 GOW
    08 Dutch Bill Creek Chardonnay (RRV) Charles Heintz Vineyards – GOW
    06 Glorioso Rioja Reserva Especial 13/19
    11 Rock Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon 11/25 (Paso R) Curtis
    05 Yering Station Chardonnay (OZ) 5/19 – a bit too old GOW
    11 Falling Star Malbec 3/6
    NV Caloro Estates Zinfandel (CA) 7/13 GOW Reviewed
    2010 Karly Amador Zinfandel ($7)
    2009 Castle Rock Carneros Pinot
    2008 Concannon San Francisco Bay Cabernet ($8) GOW
    Veramonte Reserva 2009 Merlot
    2008 Buon Appetito Nero D’Avola
    2007 Magistrate Yarra Valley Pinot Noir, Australia $3.99

    1. Seedboy

      I drank a bottle of the Castle Rock Pinot over two days. My basic impression of this is that it tastes like pinot but this wine has a cooked fruit quality to it and the inadequate acidity seems artificial. Someone picked these grapes way too late and then used them to manufacture wine.

  10. weinish

    I was underwhelmed at the Oakland store today. Plan on hitting Berkeley tomorrow.

    Grabbing some of the montressor ripasso and some random bottles but nothing epic.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      That Valpolicella Ripasso is also at Berkeley and Richmond and, some time ago, there was a good bit of it at the slow-moving Pinole store.

    1. lim13

      Can you tell us what vintage, Richard? And just to clarify for some of our readers…I suspect that’s Petite Sirah (actually the Durif grape) as opposed to Syrah…a completely different grape.

  11. lim13

    Was told today that the Silverdale, WA store will be receiving five pallets of wine on Tuesday. If anyone tries the Cate Napa Cab that’s in many stores for around $10, please let us know of your impressions. The label and price just leave me cold, so I haven’t been able to ante up. Right off the top of my head, I know I’ll be getting more of the Jargon PN, the MontGras Cab/Carmenere, and the Triada Torrontes/Chardonnay.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      I had thought that someone commented that they tried the Cate Cab and thought it was good but not as impressive as its price seemed to indicate. However, now I can’t find that comment, so I may have imagined it.
      The Triada Torrontes / Chard is still at the San Pablo, CA, store. I went there recently and, under new management, it has become even more of a store that time forgot, wine-wise. It may be good to stop there if you’re stocking up on old favorites, but I doubt I’ll go there much looking for things to review.


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