Château Grand Lacaze 2009 “Cuvée Prestige” Médoc

Médoc, Bordeaux, France; 13% ABV
$9 (pre-sale price) at the Berkeley, CA, store on 6 Nov

2009_ChGrandLacaze_MedocI had hopes for this wine because it had a Médoc designation, and because it seemed to be selling well, at a slightly higher price for the GO, even before the sale.  However, it’s quite mediocre wine, pretty bad even.

Even after about 1.5 hours of air, it shows only fairly simple simple fruit of black currant and darker red cherry, with acid of red currant and a weird prune / vegetal flavor that made the finish rather repulsive.  I would say Drinkable at best, but especially for this price, it’ll be Thumbs Down.


6 thoughts on “Château Grand Lacaze 2009 “Cuvée Prestige” Médoc

  1. Delmartian1

    You must have got a bad bottle? We’ve enjoyed several with the last bunch at $5 at the new Escondido store in February….all gone now.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Delmartian! Perhaps I did get a bad bottle. But I haven’t seen it for a while, either, so I probably won’t be able to test that.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi adlerpe. I’m glad to hear it. I think I’d agree that this would be an acceptable wine for $5.

  2. Nick.

    I got to this page while doing a search for this wine, because we liked the Lacaze quite a lot with the food we had.

    Thank you for the great blog.


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