2008 Arch Terrace Merlot

20131113_182045_resized (2)Benton City, WA (Red Mountain)
13.5% alc.
$10 at Kent, WA

Dark red in color with a nose of black cherry, coffee, and smoke. Same flavors on the palate. The black cherry is framed by the coffee/espresso, leafy tobacco, and cedar flavors. Rich and nicely balanced with good acidity and lingering finish. This wine actually reminded me of the 2002 Nice Legs which is from the same AVA only this one is better balanced with greater depth of fruit. Drinking very nicely now and probably could go a few more years, but why wait. A thumbs up for me and although this showed up in my stores post sale, still worth the price. A few people commented on seeing this during the sale (lucky you) and seedboy gave it a big nod in What’s New.

This wine is the second label of Terra Blanca and generally is about $25 although I looked at their current website and it says $37.50. You can almost throw a rock from their winery over to Kiona who produced the Nice Legs. Both wineries worth a visit if your ever out on the far east end of Yakima Valley.


15 thoughts on “2008 Arch Terrace Merlot

  1. lim13

    Opened another bottle of this tonight. Just a touch hazy medium bricktone; nose is now showing bell pepper and aromas I find unattractive, like something unstable in the wine…(nasty organisms?)…in the mouth, it’s still tannic and shows lots of dark cherry fruit and a bit of leather with the bell pepper in the background. I like this Merlot and I don’t like this Merlot. Flavors are far better than the nose.

  2. lim13

    After seeing this at the Silverdale GO today in case stack quantity for the sale, I thought I’d better try one of the two bottles I bought at regular price on 11/16. Here are my notes (which I wrote before checking back to your review, bin5): “Clear medium garnet. Fragrant dark cherry nose with an earthy, mushroomy quality and oak clearly in the background. There’s also a touch of mintiness too. In the mouth, it’s loaded with ripe fruit…cherrries, black coffee, mint with richness and medium tannins that give it great mouthfeel. That minty quality really shows itself in the finish. Extremely well-balanced with fruit, tannin and acidity. Quite tasty.” So, I’d have to say you pretty much nailed it, b5…along with comments from our readers. Most definitely worth $7.99 this weekend!!!

    1. bin5 Post author

      Glad you tasted this lim13. I haven’t had one for a while and I know there is more out there for the sale. With the snow this morning (about 2 inches here in Maple Valley) I probably won’t get out until the afternoon.

  3. Expat

    Gave a little breathing time and I’m digging this. To me it’s got a striking eucalyptus/mint component but maybe I’m describing it incorrectly. The fruit is there but subtle. Light tannins but very well balanced and a nice moderate alcy level. Very good and sophisticated.

  4. lim13

    A “little bird” tells me this is now at the Silverdale store, but won’t be on the shelf until Saturday or Sunday, 11/16 or 11/17.

  5. RGardner

    I bought about 25% of what the Lakewood store got (2 cases of 8), though one is going to a friend. It needs a little airing. This is a very good Merlot.
    As for Kiona, I was there last month (Columbus Day) and bought a case of the First Crush Rose (it was their special) for $2 more than Grocery Outlet had it 3 weeks later (grr, but I’ve never seen Kiona at GO before). It is light, but what I can serve for Thanksgiving for non-wine drinkers. Have you seen the MASSIVE new plantings on Red Mountain? 3x the grapes (so expect young vine issues soon). New irrigation aqueduct put in. I’m in the area monthly, trying to hit a winery/trip (but always hit Ice Harbor Brewing in Kennewick).

    1. bin5 Post author

      Nice move on the Arch Terrace. I haven’t been through the valley since late spring. I missed my fall trip this year. Water was always the limiting factor on Red Mountain, guess not anymore.

    2. lim13

      Thanksgiving wine for “non-wine drinkers”, RG? I’d be taking a couple bottles of medium dry Riesling or Gewurztraminer. That Swallows Gewurz (at GO) should work pretty well, or the St. Helens that I’ve seen around…or either of the Veit German Rieslings.

  6. BargainWhine

    After the spate of tasty Merlots, I may have to change my habit of not buying Merlot. It seems the new buyers are sympathetic to our tastes. 🙂

  7. jwc

    The Terra Blanca merlot is indeed tasty, I’ve seen it here in Portland for around $15 at Freddies, and actually picked some up last year for much less, as it was being discontinued. Keeping the fingers crossed on seeing in Portland, Bin5 I’ll trade you some of the Sacred Hill pn for this? 🙂

    1. bin5 Post author

      Hmmmm jwc……I’m going to be in Portland on Monday coming from the Gorge and then spending that night downtown.

      1. jwc

        I’m guessing Bin5, that you could be taking in a little tasting of the grape, traveling through the Gorge. Maryhill, Jacob Williams, Cathedral Ridge (Rock Star is hedonistic but so tasty) and Cascade Cliffs (Italian red varietals are there signature wines) on your hit parade by chance? Any or all of the above? I’d be glad to meet up with you either in the Hollywood GO, or 4th Plain Blvd in Vancouver at 3pm if that’s possible for you, before the traffic gets too bad. Let me know if that’ll work, safe travels.


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