2009 “Road 22” Merlot

Columbia Valley, WA; 14.5% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 11 Nov

Road22_2009_MerlotAfter a spate of Merlots I actually liked, here in one finally I’m not that fond of, although not for the reasons I usually dislike Merlot.

I originally tasted this wine from a bottle that had been open for a day, and thought it was a little rough, but had a lot of fruit and was holding up well.  Little did I know that that was not so different from what the wine was like on the first day.  As often happens, the wine started reserved, red, and tart.  After airing about 60 – 90 minutes, the full-bodied and -flavored wine is dominated by blackcurrant, with red cherry and red currant under that.  What I didn’t like is that the wine is a bit rough and out of balance.  The saved half bottle was not much different the next day.  Maybe this is another wine to drink the next day, just putting a cork in the bottle to store it.  This wine is probably quite acceptable for many people who will like its strong, non-jammy flavors (it tastes like wine), but for me it was only Drinkable.


3 thoughts on “2009 “Road 22” Merlot

  1. lim13

    Like bin5, I too have never heard of this brand and I found nothing on line…even at the Precept Brands website. Any additional information on the back label, BW?

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      I could not find anything online about this wine either. Besides a corny marketing pitch, the back label just says:
      Bottled by Road 22
      Dundee, Oregon USA
      Grown in Washington

  2. bin5

    I’ve never heard of this label here in WA. I wonder if it’s another in a long line of Precept wines. Anything from 2009 could be from anyone coming from the economic crash.


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