2011 Tablelands Sauvignon Blanc “Southdown Vineyard”

Martinborough, New Zealand; 13.0% ABV; screw cap
$6 at the Oakland, CA, store on 2 Dec.  Still at the Berkeley store.

2011_Tablelands_SauvBlanc_NZBefore I started writing here, I had tasted perhaps one or two New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs.  But their strong following here, and my subsequent tastings of them has made me excited to see them on the GO shelves.  I think this one is pretty good.

On the first night, the wine had a pleasant nose of ripe yellow melon with a little green fruit.  Palate of yellow melon, ripe gooseberry, yellow grapefruit / golden kiwi, a little minerality.  Fruit is perhaps slightly weak, as if the wine were already getting old, but the taste finishes well with acid of medium ripe pineapple.

I actually liked it better on the second night.  (I know, I know, some of you are saying, “What is this ‘second night’ stuff?”)  On the first night , it struck me as a little disjointed, with slightly flabby riper fruit at first followed by the acid.  The second night, it’s all much better integrated, so you get the ripe fruit together with bracing acid and minerally structure, and it seems less weak.  Good stuff I say.

2 thoughts on “2011 Tablelands Sauvignon Blanc “Southdown Vineyard”

  1. lim13

    Tried my bottle of this tonight and I really enjoyed it. Really nice balance of “sweet” gooseberry fruit and citrusy tartness. As with most north island NZ SB’s, I found the gooseberry grassiness to be more subdued than those from Marlborough on the south island. But it comes together very nicely and was perfect with the earthy flavors of our stuffed green peppers. Would like it more at a couple bucks less (it’s $6.99 up here in WA).

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