2011 Raza Malbec Reserva

La Rioja, Argentina; 13% ABV; screw cap
$5 at the Berkeley, CA, store on12 Dec.  Also at Richmond.

2011_Raza_MalbecResThis wine is delicious right away, but it darkens and smooths out with about 45 minutes of air.  Then it gives flavors of ripely juicy boysenberry / blackberry, violets and roses, clove, coffee, and oak, with slight sappy bitterness and tannin in the finish.  This wine is not really built to last, and I’d guess you should drink it in the next year or so.  But it’s so yummy there’s no reason not to.

Bin5 reviewed the 2010 bottling here.

Update 21 Dec: I saved half this bottle in a 375ml bottle (half bottle) with a stopper and very little air.  I opened the half bottle tonight and, while it’s still pretty tasty, the flavors are a little more medicinal and the texture a bit rougher.  This is probably a wine better consumed in one evening.


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