Domaine Dublère 2009 Meursault “Les Crotots”

Meursault AOC, Burgundy, France
$22 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 15 Nov.  Long gone.

2009_Dublere_MeursaultThis is yet another in the group of Burgundies that showed up in a few SF Bay Area stores in mid-November, saved for a holiday meal.  This wine presented medium ripe yellow apple, ripe lemon, delicate minerality and supporting oak in an overall subtle, elegant wine.  It was not all that intense or complex, though.  While it was a nice white Burgundy, I would likely not buy more at this price even if it were available.


2 thoughts on “Domaine Dublère 2009 Meursault “Les Crotots”

  1. Seedboy

    The day this arrived we enjoyed this with Vietnamese food along with some of the other burgs from that day. i liked this with mussels and salt prawns. It was nice, considering all of the travel. I have a few more of these and am curious to see what happens to them.


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